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Full Results from New Orleans

Full Results from New Orleans

Everyone could tell how this election would turn out – but I am not sure anyone expected such a blowout in the race for Mayor of New Orleans. 32 years after his father finished his time as mayor of the Big Easy, Mitch Landrieu was elected Mayor of a city that still has a great deal of work to do to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina and solve many fiscal and standard-of-living issues.

Landrieu’s victory is also noteworthy for his biracial appeal. Though the first white mayor since his father in 1978, Landrieu won over the African-American vote as well as the white vote and this led to his large margin of victory.

Mitch Landrieu – 58,276 (66%)
Troy Henry – 12,275 (14%)
John Georges – 8,189 (9%)
Rob Couhig – 4,874 (5%)
James Perry – 2,702 (3%)
Nadine Ramsey – 1,894 (2%)
Thomas Lambert – 239 (0%)
Other – 489

In the 5th State Senate District, Karen Carter Peterson also won easily over her opponent

Karen Carter Peterson – 13,509
Irma Muse Dixon – 3,734



  1. From my facebook group called Election Central!

    New Orleans Elections (thanks to the site All Politics Are Local,

    New Orleans Mayor – Mitch Landrieu

    Councilmembers at large (2) – Jackie Carkson, Arnie Fielkow re-elected

    Councilmember District A – John Jay Batt and Susan Giudry to runoff March 06

    Councilmember Distri ct B – Stacey Head re-elected

    Councilmember District C – Kristin Palmer – new

    Councilmember District D – Cynthia Hedge-Morrell re-elected

    Councilmember District E – Austin Badon and Jon Johnson to runoff March 06

    NO Assessor – Janis Lemle beats incumbent

    Coroner – Frank Minyard re-elected

    Sheriff- Marlin Gusman

    State Senate District 5- Karen Carter Peterson

    Judge Civil Court Division J – Paula Brown

    Judge Juvenile Court Section E – Tracey Flemings-Davillier

    Clerk Civil District Court – unopposed Dale Atkins

    Clerk Criminal District Court – Arthur Morrell re-elected

    • Renew 19-mill tax for Garden District Security District – passed

    • Renew 16.2 mill tax for the Touro Bouligny Security District in Uptown New Orleans – passed

    • Renew annual fee for enhanced police protection for Lake Terrace subdivision on the lakefront – passed

    • Renew annual fee for enhanced police protection for the Spring Lake subdivision in eastern New Orleans – awaiting results

    St. Bernard Parish Judgeship Perry Nicosia

    Kenner – Police Chief and three Councilmembers had no opposition and where re-elected. There are 5 other seats that will be contested by election.

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