Posted by: jamesvw | February 3, 2010

Election 2010 – Governor of Texas

2010 Texas Gubernatorial Race – Republican Incumbent

Results from the March 3 Primary


Rick Perry – 758,222 (51.1%)

Kay Bailey Hutchison – 450,196 (30.3%)

Debra Medina – 275,693 (18.6%)


Bill White – 516,621 (76.0%)

Farouk Shami – 87,268 (12.8%)

This race has already been through a bloody Republican primary and has the potential to be the first strongly contested race for Governor in a long time in Texas. Incumbent Rick Perry held off primary challenger Kay Bailey Hutchison, the Senior sitting US senator. Now he has to face Bill White, the Democratic nominee and a popular former mayor of Houston.

To learn more about voting in Texas, click here. To find out what other races are going on in the state, click here. To register to vote, click here.

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Governor Rick Perry has made waves with his strong conservative stances, including statements attacking the President and suggesting that Texas may be better off seceding. He is also celebrated for his stances against raising taxes and for tight border security. Holding the position since 2000 when he took over for then President-elect George W. Bush, Perry has also served in the Air Force and the Texas Legislature. To learn more about Governor Perry, click here.


Departing mayor of Houston, Bill White decided to run late in the primary season and gave the Democrats a high profile and highly popular candidate that they hope will be able to win the Statehouse back for the party for the first time since Ann Richards. A winner of the JFK Profiles in Courage Award for his work in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, White has served as mayor of Houston since 2003 and also served in President’s Clinton administration as  Deputy Secretary of Energy. To learn more, click here.



  1. The Libertarian Party of Texas is running 5 candidates for Texas Governor.
    Jeff Daiell
    Steve Nichols
    M.J. (Smitty) Smith
    Edward “Ed” Tidwell
    Katherine Youngblood Glass

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