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February 2 – Election Day

Feb. 2 – Election Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s the beginning to the 2010 midterm election season – with the Illinois primary on tap – and a slew of other special elections around the country.

If you live in Illinois or one of the other areas with elections, GO VOTE!!!

Winners: Terry Mills (Kentucky 24th House District – Democratic pickup), Hardie Daivs (Georgia Senate District 22), Ted Deutch (Democratic nomination – Florida 19th Congressional District), Nita Ayres (Missouri House 62 – Republican hold), Hope Whitehead (Missouri House 57, Democrat Hold), Pat Conway (Missouri House 27, Dem Hold)

Illinois Primary winners- Toni Preckwinkle (D-Cook County Commission President), Roger Keats (R-CC Commission President), Mark Kirk (Republican, US Senate) Alexi Giannoulias (D-US Senate) Joe Walsh (R – IL-8), Bob Dold (R – IL-10) Dan Seals (D-IL 10) Judy Barr Topinka (R – Comptroller), Robin Kelly (D-Treasurer), Scott Lee Cohen (D-Lieutenant Governor), Randy Hultgren (R-IL 14)

February 2 Special Elections Preview

2010 Illinois Primary Preview

12:08 – Bed time – three races still outstanding. It looks good for Pat Quinn, I think he will hold out for victory. I am not going to hazard a guess in the other two races. Bob Brady is leading by 1,000 over Kirk Dillard right now for the Republican gubernatorial nomination and David Miller is up 2,500 on Raja Krishnamoorthi in the Democratic race for Comptroller -but both have been flipping back and forth so frequently that I will see what has settled in the morning

Thanks for the great turnout tonight – and check back for a post-mortem and full results tomorrow

11:48 – I’m going to call it for Jason Plummer in the Republican race for Lieutenant Governor – what a shocking result on both sides in this race. Congrats to this young man and his staff

11:29 – 660 votes separate Kirk Dillard and Bob Brady out of over 700,000 votes cast

11:20 – 37 votes – Ed Lynch over Joe Budd – Thats all the difference in the Florida 19th Congressional Republican primary – this one will go to a recount.

11:13 – And its official, Randy Hultgren has defeated Ethan Hastert and will face Rep. Bill Foster in IL-14. Congrats to the senator and his staff. And Dan Seals has squeaked it out for the Democratic nomination in IL-10

11:08 – A couple of calls and the surprise of the night – Scott Lee Cohen has won the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor – thus proving that if you are hated enough by Rod Blagojevich, you can go anywhere. Even with an awful campaign website. And Robin Kelly will be the Democratic nominee for Treasurer. Congrats to both candidates and their staff.

11:00 Kirk Dillard storms ahead in Republican race for governor – up by 2,500 votes with 9.7% left to report

10:56 – Alexi Giannoulias has won his party’s nomination for senate – David Hoffman has conceded. The final difference should be about 5% – Congrats to Alexi and his staff

10:54 – 160 vote lead for Krishnamoorthi over Miller for Comptroller – and to think, no one knows what this position does

10:52 – Still have half of DuPage to count and about 100 precincts outstanding in Cook – most of these races are still up in the air

10:51 – Hynes has gotten his deficit down to 1%. This is almost as much of a barn burner as the Republican race

10:42 – Some Congressional primaries are almost over – Dan Seals leads by 700 votes with 2.5% left to report. Bob Dold has won in that seats primary (IL-10) Congrats to him and his campaign. In the upset of the night so far, Ethan Hastert, son of the former Speaker of the House looks like he will lose to State Senator Randy Hultgren, who is up by 8% with 25% left to report.

10:41 – McKenna has fallen to third and Quinn is up by 1.4% – Still downstate votes to come in.

10:39 – And Plummer is now ahead in the Republican Lieutenant governor race – Anti-incumbent much tonight?

10:35 – Bill Brady has taken the lead in the Republican race – McKenna and Dillard 2 and 3

10:31 – Three candidates with 20%, McKenna, Dillard and Brady in that order.

10:26 – It looks like Giannoulias will hold on by about 4% over David Hoffman

10:21 – Oh man!!! Two candidates, Kirk Dillard and Bill Brady within 1% of leader Andy McKenna in Republican race for governor

10:18 – In Florida, an easy win for Ted Deutch (85%) – He is heavily favored in the general election for this congressional seat. Only 47 votes separate Edward Lynch and Joe Budd for the Republican nomination

10:16 – Judy Barr Topinka is back, winning the Comptroller nomination for Republicans – congrats to her and her staff.

10:14 – Kirk Dillard within 1% of Andy McKenna in Illinois governor’s race

10:11 – Count me shocked that Scott Lee Cohen is in the lead for the Democrats for Lieutenant Governor – didn’t see that one coming. And Jason Plummer is within 3% of Matt Murphy for Republicans – keep an eye on this young man – he will be back if he doesn’t win tonight.

10:10 – Getting close between Quinn and Hynes. 2.2% difference with 68% in.

10:08 – Joe Walsh has won the Republican nomination for Illinois 8th District and will face Melissa Bean. Congrats to him and his staff.

10:05 – Roger Keats has won the Republican nomination for Cook County Commission President. Congrats to him and his staff.

10:01 – Dan Seals and Julie Hamos are only separated by 1.4% with 94.3% reporting – down to the wire.

9:58 – Mark Kirk has won the Republican Senate primary – Congrats to him and his staff!

9:56 – Giannoulias up by 23,000 with 60% reporting – 4% difference between him and Hoffman

9:55 – Quinn ahead by 19,000 votes with 58% reporting – looking good for the Governor

9:39 – Toni Preckwinkle has won the Democratic nomination for Cook County Commission President – Congrats to her and her staff.

9:34 – Hardie Davis, a Democrat, has been elected State Senator in Augusta, Georgia – Congrats to him and his staff.

9:33 – It looks like a lot of rural and downstate counties are still yet to report (including all of Champaign) – so if you are hoping for the non-Chicago vote (which is about half-finished in reporting) then your candidate may still have a chance.

9:23 – Preckwinkle (D) and Keats (R) winning easily in the race for Cook County Commissioner

9:20 – Dan Seals (D) and Robert Dold (R) leading in the 10th district

9:18 – Joe Walsh is leading with 33% in the race to take on Melissa Bean in the 8th Congressional district – Hat tip to some of my readers who picked this one – but there are still half the votes to be counted.

9:17 – Pat Quinn at 53.2, Hynes at 46.8 – For Republicans, McKenna at 25.7 with Ryan at 19.7 and Dillard at 19.1. Andrzjewski at 15.1

9:15 – I went away for a while and things got interesting. 30% in in Illinois – Giannoulias up 36.7-33.3-23.7 over Hoffman and Jackson. Much closer than expected. Kirk is flying away at 62.5% with Hughes at 17.5

8:26 – Close race in Augusta, Georgia for a State Senate seat – leader in the first round Hardie Davis leading Harold Jones by 200 votes with half reporting

8:21 – First votes trickling in from the 18th district. That’s Peoria and Springfield – important areas for Giannoulias and Hynes to do well in.

8:02 – And we are closed in Illinois – now we wait. Exciting. This is why Tuesday is my favorite day – come home from work and enjoy an election or 8.

7:57 – Almost there – great place for Illinois results is also Politico

7:32 – First results of the night and it seems – based on results on the state page that do not show if all results are in – that Democrats have picked up a seat in the Kentucky legislature. Terry Mills received 3,0001 votes to Leo Johnson’s 2,518. That constitutes a 21% turnout. Congrats to Mills and his campaign staff. Impressive victory…

7:04 – One hour until polls close in Illinois. Are you excited? I sure am. Low turnout in much of the state. The Capitol Fax Blog has a great listing of places to follow results from all over the state.



  1. John Roberge and Eugene Montgomery
    ROBERGE WINS PRIMARY 163-116 (58.4% – 41.6%)
    Tholl beat Catman on R side

    • sorry, I was so excited about beating the media with this news I forget to mention that the Roberge Primary win is in the New Hampshire State Rep District 2 (Coos County) race.

      Another local one;
      New comer Manuel DeCosta beats local party pick Nobrega in Cumberland Town Council race (Cumberland, RI) 92-65 votes. PS-The elevator at the town hall is out of order so be ready to use the stairs!

      • Fantastic work, thank you for finding out this information! Look for your name on the front page post in a little while when I write-up all the special election results from last night!

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