Posted by: jamesvw | January 29, 2010

February 2: New Hampshire 2nd House District

Feb. 2 – New Hampshire’s 2nd State House District

**Hat tip to blog reader Matt Nisenoff for bringing this race to my attention**

My apologies for the late write up on this race. My goodness, it has gotten shockingly little coverage on the internet. Give it a try, google key terms from this race. You will find very little information.

There is a primary to replace Republican House member Bill Remick in his Coos County district. Two Democrats and two Republicans are on the ballot. Democrats currently hold a 222-177 lead with this one vacancy. Does that seem like an excessively large legislature to you too?

Republicans include John Tholl of Whitefield, a former State Representative and police chief of Dalton who ran against Remick two years ago and Eric Catman of Stark, not to be confused with the South Park character. Neither seems to have a presence online.

On the Democratic side, both candidates are from Northumberland, a beautiful town that I once stopped in. They are John Roberge and Eugene Montgomery.

The general election will be March 9. The district includes Carrol, Dalton, Jefferson, Kilkenny, Lancaster, Northumberland, Randolph, Stark, Stratford and Whitefield


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