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Election Results – January 26

Election Results – January 26

Full results

Oregon Ballot Questions 66 and 67


Yes Votes -539,522 (55.09%)
No Votes – 439,858 (44.91%)


Yes Votes – 534,440 (54.67%)
No Votes – 443,055 (45.33%)

Statewide turnout – 48% (much lower than expected, although much higher than typical statewide special elections)

Minnesota State Senate 26

Mike Parry (R) -4,943 (43.04%)
Jason Engbrecht (D) – 4,192 (36.50%)
Roy Srp (I) – 2,334 (20.32%)

Turnout was a fairly respectable 27%

Florida State House Primary 58


Janet Cruz – 1,211 (47.05%)
Pat Kemp – 1,153 (44.79%)
Gil Sanchez – 210 (8.16%)


Hunter Chamberlin – 355 (50.86%)
Jackie Rojas-Quinones – 343 (49.14%)

Turnout was a measly 6.72%. Sad, just sad

Click for more to see a live blog of the night

11:42 – In a victory for state lawmakers, both ballot questions have passed in Oregon – revising antiquated laws allowing businesses to only pay $10 in taxes a year and increasing taxes on the wealthy while lowering taxes on unemployment benefits.

Prop 66, the wealthy tax, passed 55%-45% and Prop 67 passed 54.67 % to 45.33%

10:35 – Numerically it is over. Mike Parry has won the special election in Minnesota. Congrats to him and his campaign. Full numbers for all the races will be up late tonight or early tomorrow.

10:11 – This one is almost over, with 65% reporting, Mike Parry (R) leads both his opponents by 44-35-21. Almost a 400 vote spread between first and second

9:59 – 20 out of 47 in – 42-36-22 – The independent has to be disappointed with his returns so far. He can only hope that his base in Waseca haven’t reported yet.

9:46 – 11 out of 47 precincts in in Minnesota – 40-33-27 spread now (R-D-I) – thats only 83 votes between the R and D though

9:44 – Finally, full results in Florida – Janet Cruz has won the Democratic nomination with 47% of the vote, but only a 58 vote spread over her next nearest opponent. Even closer was the Republican race where Hunter Chamberlin won by 12 votes. Since it was a very low turnout, he still got 50.86% of the vote which may be enough to avoid a recount. Congrats to those two candidates and their staff.

9:38 – 4 precincts out of 47 in in Minnesota – 43%-35-21 (R-D-I)

9:28 – Still no movement in the Florida race – apparently a bunch of precincts are slow in reporting. And the races are too close to call.

9:26 – Numbers are slowly coming in from Minnesota. The Republican has a small lead.

Reminder – This seat was originally held by a Republican – Democrats hold a very large majority in the Senate, but hope to pick this one up. There is also a strong third party candidate, Roy Srp, who is hoping to upset the two major parties in this race.

8:04 – Now we are a long way off from hearing the results from Oregon – but chew on this.

The prediction is that there will be a 60 to 65% turnout in Oregon. Now, Oregon is the only state that does elections entirely by mail.

And they get a better turnout for a pair of ballot questions than some states do in midterm elections…

Maybe the solution to getting people involved is making it easier to vote…and to allow voters to research candidates and ballot questions on their own time. And don’t ask hard working people to vote on a work day Shocking suggestions, I know…

7:55 – Very close race on both sides in the Florida primary for the State House seat in district 58. With 6 precincts left to report, Janet Cruz is leading the Democratic race with 1,185 votes, followed by Pat Kemp at 1,092 and Gil Sanchez far behind at 207.

In the Republican primary, Hunter Chamberlin is beating Jackie Rojas-Quinones 349 to 340, also with 6 precincts left.

Just as a reminder, this was a Democratically held seat and the general election will be next month.



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