Posted by: jamesvw | January 25, 2010

Illinois Senate Primary – New Poll

Illinois Senate Primary – New Poll

The new poll from the Chicago Tribune shows that one candidate from each party is the runaway favorite for February 2nd’s primary.

Democrats – MOE +-4%

Alexi Giannoulias – 34%
Cheryle Jackson – 19%
David Hoffman – 16%
Jacob Meister – 1%
Robert Marshall – 1%
Undecided – 26%

Each candidate has some work to do. Only 71% of voters have heard of Giannoulias, while slightly more than half (55% and 53%) have heard of Jackson and Hoffman. And there is still a lot of undecideds this late in the game.


Mark Kirk – 47%
Patrick Hughes – 8%
Other – 10%
Undecided – 35%

Analysis – This race has clearly not gotten a lot of attention by voters – but the support from the Tea Party movement and other strongly conservative groups have not materialized for Hughes as it was once expected.


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