Posted by: jamesvw | January 24, 2010

Hondo, TX City Council Results

Hondo, TX City Council Results

Most Justice Department election monitors are used internationally in countries rife with violence, ethnic tensions and inequality. On Saturday, however, they were deployed to little Hondo, Texas , a small town outside San Antonio, where a city council election was held to replace three recalled Councilors who were removed this past summer.

Three candidates ran on a slate meant to fix the image of the town, which had been accused by many of anti-Hispanic voting patterns – and indeed Hondo was investigated for not upholding anti-discrimination practices in its recall election. Keith Lutz won in district 3 954-544 over Gizmo Freeman, Ann Long won in district 4 (districts are called “place” in Hondo) 982-673 over James Sanchez and Eric Torres beat Lucio Torrez, one of the removed councilors, in place 5 by a margin of 1,030 to 633.

And just because I can – here is the other reason why Hondo is famous…


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