Posted by: jamesvw | January 22, 2010

Illinois Governor: New Polls and a Dropout

Illinois Governor: New Polls and a Dropout

The Chicago Tribune has put out a batch of new polls that tell interesting stories about the state of the primaries. This comes after the surprisingly late drop out of Republican Robert Schillerstrom, who subsequently endorsed Jim Ryan.

Democrat Gubernatorial Race

It’s getting close – and the attack ads are springing up everywhere.

Pat Quinn – 44%
Dan Hynes – 40%
16% undecided

Republican Gubernatorial Race

And this race is anyones for the taking

Andy McKenna – 19%
Jim Ryan – 18%
Dan Dillard – 14%
Bill Brady – 9%
Adam Andrzejewski – 7%
Dan Proft – 6%
17% Undecided

Cook County Board President (December poll results in parentheses)

Big swing in this race – Dorothy Brown has been hit hard by scandal allegations

Toni Preckwinkle – 36% (20%)
Dorothy Brown – 24% (29%)
Terrence O’Brien – 16% (11%)
Todd Stroger – 11% (14%)


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