Posted by: jamesvw | January 19, 2010

January 19 – Election Night

January 19 Election Night – Word on the Street and Results

Eventually, this is where results from the Massachusetts Senate Race and Birmingham, Alabama Mayoral election will be posted

Check out here for Massachusetts returns

11:17 – Check back tomorrow for full results and comments. Heck of a night. And guess what?  There will be a special election in Massachusetts now to fill Senator-elect Brown’s seat – more races to cover right here. And we are getting close to 2010 primary time…only two weeks until the Illinois primary!

10:40 – So to recap, Republican Scott Brown shocked the political world by succeeding Ted Kennedy in the United States Senate – giving Republicans their 41st vote in that chamber. And William Bell was elected the new mayor of Birmingham, Alabama.

10:30 – Wow, I got both races incorrect tonight. The new mayor of Birmingham, AL is William Bell. Congratulations to him and his staff.

9:26 – At least the other race is very close – with 66 precincts in, Bell leads Cooper by only 400 votes

9:23 – Its official – Martha Coakley has conceded the race. Congratulations to Scott Brown and his staff. What an upset – what a surprise. Obama and Democrats are in trouble.

9:19 – 70% in and Brown up by 95,000. Half in from Boston

9:12 – 89,000 votes…Stunning win for Brown. Stat of the night? Scott Brown held 66 events between the primary and Sunday. Martha Coakley had 19. Talk about taking an election for granted. Oh, and can I mention Democratic complacency once again?

9:08 – I am getting pretty close to calling this one. Boston, Cambridge and Brookline may not be enough to come back from the over 80,000 vote deficit. Democrats and Martha Coakley especially should be ashamed and frightened.

9:04 – 57% reporting, 73,000 lead by Brown

9:00 – Oh yeah, there is another race. With 32 of 160 precincts reporting, William Bell is leading Patrick Cooper by 2,300 votes.

8:56 – 980 precincts in and Brown up by 45,000 votes. Boston trickling in, many of the big cities still outstanding.

8:51 – 783 and Brown up by 42,000 (5%) – This may be over earlier than expected

8:46 – 545 in and Brown up by 28,000

8:43 – Coakley wins my favorite town (well, after my own), Sandisfield, by 4 votes – 150 to 146

8:40 – 363 in and Brown up by 18,000. Coakley not running ahead by much in the first 10 precincts in Boston, only by 3%.

8:31 – Brown picks up a 3,000 vote margin in Danvers – up 10,000 votes with almost 10% in. No Boston reporting yet

8:24 – Over 110 precincts in, Brown up by 5,000. Coakley got 88% of the vote in the first precinct of Cambridge to report…she has to hope turnout was very kind to her in this liberal bastion.

8:22 – Brown did quite well in Shrewsbury and Coakley did well in Concord – both expected results

8:18 – 36 precincts, Brown by 4,000 or so

8:13 – Early early numbers – 12 precincts in out of 2168 – Brown up by 1,200

8:02 – Polls are closed. Now we wait and watch. Check out here for Massachusetts returns

7:22 – About half an hour until polls close in both races…Should be close in both.

5:31 – Heavy turnout in Massachusetts, some estimates as high as 60% voter turnout by close of polls. Boston is reporting high turnout, which is good for Democrat Martha Coakley but Republican cities north and south of the capital are also reporting high turnout, good for Republican Scott Brown.


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