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January 12 – Election Results

Election Day Results – January 12

Alright, here are the numbers from the night

Adding one more…

California’s 82nd House District

Chris Norby (R) – 20,292 (62.9%)
John MacMurray (D) – 10,018 (31%)
Jane Rands (G) – 1,963 (6.1%)
Turnout was 14.8%

In Virginia’s 37th Senate District

David Marsden (D) – 11,943 (50.62%)
Steven Hunt (R) – 11, 626 (49.28%)
Write-In – 21 (.08%)
Turnout was 19.41% – Pretty good for a special election. Still fairly sad, but I’ll take what I can

In Virginia’s 8th Senate District

Jeff McWaters (R) – 8,051 (78.59%)
William Flemming (D) – 2,184 (21.31%)
Write-In – 9 (.08%)
Turnout was 9.4%

In Tennessee’s 83rd House District

Mark White (R) – 3,236 (67%)
Guthrie Castle (D) – 1,452 (30%)
John Andreuccetti (I) – 110 (3%)
Turnout is unknown at the moment

Miami City Council

Sorry for being late on reporting on these races – unfortunately, I was right in my predictions here – the indicted and once-removed councilor Michelle Spence-Jones has won re-election in the 5th council district.

District 1

Willy Gort – 2,368 (55.48%)
Mike Suarez – 486 (11.39%)
Manuel Richardson – 353 (8.27%)
Richard Tapia – 193 (4.52%)

District 5

Michelle Spence-Jones – 2,043 (53.48%)
Richard Dunn – 601 (15.73%)
Pierre Rutledge – 319 (8.35%)
Erica Wright – 284 (7.43%)
Robert Malone – 189 (4.95%)
8:52 – Time for real work – full results will come later tonight! Thanks for sticking around and reading – its always fun with the readers. And I am enjoying the uptick in comments. Keep them coming!! Be opinionated….though always nice

8:47 – And for that matter, congrats to Sen. Elect McWaters and his staff!

8:46 – Well, in all the doom and glloom, Dems actually managed to win a contested one today. David Marsden will be the new State Senator from the 37th District in Virginia. Congrats to him and to his staff.

8:44 – 869-336-15 in the Tennessee race so far. Don’t expect too many updates for this one – fork, meet cake.

8:42 – Here is a good site to get Tennessee results

8:38 – For those who are just checking in, the 8th VA Senate race has already been called, easy easy win for the Republicans as expected. In the 37th, different story. It looks like Democrats may pick this Senate seat up and increase their hold on the State Senate chamber.

8:36 – Marsden by 406 with 92% in

8:33 – Almost done…Marsden up by 297 votes with 90% counted…

8:29 – Early and absentee votes should give us all a sense of the race in Tennessee. Mark White (R) 771, Guthrie Castle (D) 253

8;27 – Oohwee, its close in Fairfax. 80% reporting – Marsden is up by a whole 400 votes, less than 2 percent.

8:26 – Well I totally missed it, but unsurprisingly, Jeff McWaters won the 8th Senate district easily. 79% to 21% over Dem William Flemming.

8:25 – You can follow along here for Virginia –

8:24 – Things looking ok for the Dems in this race. 8,067 for Marsden, 7,220 for Hunt, 70% reporting. Word is that Marsden doubled Hunt in absentee ballots (already included in count)

8:17 – Got some results from VA – its a close one in the 37th – 10/39 precincts reporting – Marsden (D) – 3,553, Hunt (R) 3,120

8:15 – Interestingly, the man Mark White beat to be the Republican nominee in the Tennessee House race was named a Shelby County Commissioner today – Republican John Pellicciotti

8:09 – Results are slow in coming in all the races. Nothing out of Tennessee yet.

7:21 – Polls have also closed in Tennessee where a House district is being decided

7:17 – Polls have closed in VA and we wait to hear the results in two races, the 8th and the 37th Senate districts



  1. Thanks again for such a quick posting as well as the quality of info provided. You are my first choice when looking for election results, especially the vote count and turnout percentages. Please keep up the excellent work.

    By the way, Tennessee turnout is a tough nut to crack, since they only track the number of registered voters county-by-county. Virtually all legislative districts partially overlap one or more counties, and the TN Secretary of State doesn’t even track the number of registered voters.

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