Posted by: jamesvw | January 10, 2010

January 12 Preview and Predictions

January 12 Preview and Predictions

It’s almost Tuesday again and odds are that means there are special elections to cover. This Tuesday there are more than most and while the marquee race with national implications (Massachusetts Senate) is next week, plenty to talk about for the 12th.

Virginia – Original 37th PostOriginal 8th Post

The most interesting race will be in Virginia’s 37th State Senate District where Republicans are hoping to hold onto Ken Cuccinelli’s seat after he was elected as the new Attorney General of Virginia. Republican Steve Hunt faces Democrat David Marsden. It has been an expensive race so far, each candidate raising over 200,000 dollars for their campaign. It also has statewide implications as the Democrats currently hold a 21-17 lead with two vacancies and Democrats hope to solidify their leading margin by picking this seat up.

The 8th District Special Election is much less contested as it is seen as an almost certain Republican hold. Republican Jeff McWaters is facing Democrat William Flemming.

I predict that Democrats do pick up the 37th Senate District, while Republicans easily hold the 8th.

Tennesee – Original Post

This seat should not be a difficult hold for Republicans either. After a very quiet campaign in this district in East Memphis, Republican Mark White hopes to hold the seat for his party while Democrat Guthrie Castle and Independent John Andreuccetti.

I predict that White wins easily.

Miami, Florida – Original Post

Replacing two corrupt council members, it is unfortunate that I have to predict that one of them will be back. Because no bar was placed in front of her running for reelection, Michelle Spence Jones is running for the seat she was removed from and will probably win. In the other district, 1, Willie Gort is best known and will probably prevail.

California – Original Post

Finishing up one of the first races covered on this blog, the general election for the special election in Orange County’s 72 House District will be held on the 12th as well. Republican Chris Norby should have no problem holding off Democrat John MacMurray and Green Jane Rands.


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