Posted by: jamesvw | January 7, 2010

January 19th Races Getting Interesting

January 19th Races Getting Interesting…and Testy

January 19 – Massachusetts – US Senate Election

January 19 – Birmingham, Alabama – Runoff for Mayor

First we have a Senate race in Massachusetts. Democrats are getting nervous. Could complacency and the traditional low turnout of a special election come together to give the party a shocking defeat? If Scott Brown actually pulled off the race – no more 60 votes in the Senate for Democrats…and no more health care reform bill.

One poll, from a source that has been questioned frequently and often, puts Martha Coakley’s lead at 8. A more reputable poll puts it at 11. Regardless, this should be fun to watch.

Click here to read a story about this race

Deep down south in Birmingham, we still have a runoff for mayor there. And when there is a race in the South (as was the case both in Atlanta and in Houston this year), it means that there is going to be some gay baiting.

A group has put out a flier criticizing Patrick Cooper for endorsing the candidacy of an openly gay city politician. While his opponent, William Bell says he has nothing to do with the pamphlet, look for this to be a major issue in the weeks leading to election day.

Click here to read a news story about the flier.


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