Posted by: jamesvw | January 6, 2010

Election 2010 – Connecticut Senate Race

Election 2010 – Connecticut Senate Race – Democratic Incumbent

One of the big problems with writing about races before the filing deadline has passed is that a lot can change over the months leading up to a general election. Chris Dodd, presidential candidate in 2008 and Senator since 1980, has been embroiled in a few financial scandals that have marred his reputation. Today, he decided to retire rather than run in an uphill battle to keep his seat.

A few highly touted Republicans had emerged to take on the vulnerable incumbent and all polls showed that they would defeat Dodd in a head to head general election. Now, the scenarios seem quite different. Extremely popular State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has decided to run and this changes everything. Now Republicans look decidedly in the underdog position.

Follow below to learn more about the cast of characters and those poll numbers.

The Connecticut Primary is on August 10, 2010.

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There are already two Democrats who were taking on Dodd before his departure. Merrick Alpert is a entrepreneur, Air Force veteran and attorney. He started a successful medical software company that he later sold and now runs a start-up turbine corporation in Connecticut. To learn more about his campaign, click here.

Roger Pearson had not built much of a campaign infrastructure and this change may make him change his mind about running. He is an attorney, sports agent and former Selectman of Greenwich.

Perennially discussed as a candidate for just about any position in the state, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal will leave his position after 18 years to run for Senate. Popular with just about every constituency in the state, Blumenthal immediately becomes the front runner both in the primary and in the general election. His campaign should be fun to watch. To learn more, click here.


Once a Democrat emerges from the primary, they will face one of three Republicans. The establishment choice is Rob Simmons, Congressman for three terms earlier in the decade who now serves as the state’s business advocate. An Army veteran as well as a former officer in the CIA, Simmons lives in Stonington. To learn more about his campaign, click here.

You may have heard the name Linda McMahon before on Pay Per View or USA, wholly unrelated to politics. Up until recently, she was the CEO of World Wrestling Enterntainment and is married to Vince McMahon, the famed founder and promoter of the entertainment wrestling company. On her website, she is very careful not to ever mention specifics about her job, using only the acronym for her company, yet she hopes that voters will look favorably on this unique background when determining who will make the best Senator for Connecticut. To learn more, click here.

The candidate touting himself as an outsider and as the most conservative choice is Peter Schiff. President of Euro Pacific Capital, a highly successful brokerage firm, Schiff was an economic adviser to presidential candidate Ron Paul in 2008 and touts his economic background as necessary to help fix the American financial system. To learn more, click here.


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