Posted by: jamesvw | January 5, 2010

February 6 – Louisiana 5th Senate District

Feb. 6 – Louisiana 5th Senate District

Hat tip to blog-reader Douglas for drawing my attention to this race

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In conjunction with the New Orleans Mayoral Primary (which you can read about here), there will be a NOLA area State Senate special election. This race is replacing Cheryl Gray-Evans, a Democrat who resigned to join her husband at his military base in Connecticut.

Two high-profile Democrats will be fighting it out in the election. One has a clear leg up in the race however. Karen Carter Peterson is the current Speaker Pro Tem of the Louisiana House of Representatives and is term-limited from running again in 2010. Therefore, she is looking to move up in the legislature. She rolled out an impressive list of endorsements, including that of Evans.

This did not persuade Irma Dixon to run against her. Dixon is a former legislator herself, serving in the House from 1988 to 1992 and ran against Evans in 2007. She also served as the head of the Beacon of Hope Resource Center earlier this year, but left after three months (thank you to Denise Thornton, founder of the Center, for the correction – It sounds like a great organization and I encourage all my readers to learn more about it)

The 5th district is comprised of the New Orleans neighborhoods of Central City, the Central Business District, Uptown and parts of Mid-City, Carrollton and Broadmoor.



  1. CORRECTION!!! IRMA DIXON IS NOT THE HEAD OF THE BEACON OF HOPE RESOURCE CENTER. I am the founder, President and CEO/Executive Director of this organization. Denise Thornton

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