Posted by: jamesvw | January 5, 2010

Election Results in Georgia’s 22nd Senate District

Election Results in the Georgia 22nd Senate District

Apparently, the gods of elections want more sustenance for this blog. Despite two heavy hitters in the race, Hardie Davis missed winning an outright victory tonight by a sliver. He needed to clear 50% in order to avoid a runoff, but only garnered 48% of the vote. He will face Harold Jones who received 40%

Libertarian Taylor Bryant and Democrat Sandra Scott prevented a clear victor from emerging, receiving 9% and 2% respectively. The runoff between the two men will be held on February 2nd.

Full preliminary vote totals are:

Hardie Davis – 4,456 (48.42%)
Harold Jones II – 3,680 (39.99%)
Taylor Bryant – 841 (9.14%)
Sandra Scott – 223 (2.42)
Write In – 3 (.03%)

Total turnout was 12.16% for this race. Slightly more than 9,000 voters cast ballots despite there being almost 76,000 registered voters in the district.



  1. Thanks for the great reporting, James.

    Before I discovered this great blog of yours, I always had to scour the news looking for something as simple as the vote count and the voter turnout. You’d think this would be an easy task. But since you did all the hard work, from now on I’m coming here first.

    Sincere thanks!

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