Posted by: jamesvw | January 5, 2010

Election 2010 – Closing Time in Texas

Election 2010 – Closing Time in Texas

Well the filing deadline for the major parties in Texas has officially closed. Republicans filed candidates in every congressional race, while 7 Republican members will go unchallenged by a Democrat in 2010. Expect many race profiles in the weeks to come on this site.

For the moment, check out the original post on the Gubernatorial primary – which should be a fun one to watch – and vote in the poll.



  1. If you could vote in the Texas Gubernatorial Primary, who would you vote for?

    I would Vote for Libertarian Jeff Daiell.

    • My friend, you are quite correct – there is also a libertarian primary in Texas between Mr. Daiell, Katherine Youngblood, Kenneth Griffin, Steve Nichols, M.J. Smith and Ed Tidwell.

      Thanks for reminding all of us. And, of course, the nominee will go onto the final ballot on November 2 with the Republican and the Democrat

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