Posted by: jamesvw | January 1, 2010

Massachusetts Senate Race Update

Massachusetts Senate Race Update

In a few weeks, voters in Massachusetts will once again go to the polls to pick a new United States Senator. Replacing the stalwart Democrat Ted Kennedy who passed away a few months back, voters in this traditionally Democratic state are choosing between Democrat and current State Attorney General Martha Coakley, Republican and State Senator Scott Brown, and Libertarian Joe Kennedy, of no relation to the former senator.

It is largely assumed that this should be an easy victory for Democrats. However, thanks to a blog reader linking to my poll on Twitter, people have flocked to this site and voted for Scott Brown. And who knows? If ever there was a time for a Republican to win in Massachusetts, this may be the year. It has to be a frightening, if minutely so, prospect for Democrats. It essentially is the only way that health-care reform will not pass in the first few months of 2010.

At the close of the year, candidates had to file their finance reports. Martha Coakley banked over 1 million dollars in contributions while Brown raised over $600,000 in the month of December. And Brown has also made waves by going up on TV first with an ad directly linking himself to President John F. Kennedy, brother of Ted, and Massachusetts Democratic Senator from 1952 to 1960 when he became president.


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