Posted by: jamesvw | December 30, 2009

January 12 – Virginia 8th State Senate District

Jan. 12 – Virginia 8th State Senate District


Thanks to the tip from blog reader Douglas, it was brought to my attention that voters in the Virginia Beach State Senate District will have a competitive general election after all. I am grateful for the help.

It had seemed that Republican Jeff McWaters had this election wrapped up when he won the primary to succeed fellow Republican Kenneth Stolle, who had been elected in early November to be the Sheriff of Virginia Beach. However, in a last minute decision, Democrat William Fleming will challenge the Republicans for this seat. He is presumably not related to Colonel William Fleming, famous for his service in the American Revolution and one of the forgotten fathers of the Virginia Commonwealth.

While the district leans to the right, there is always a chance in Virginia, a state that has straddled the partisan divide for a long time now.  Fleming is a Great Neck resident, Army veteran and president of a local information technology firm. McWaters is also a successful business executive, having served with various health-care corporations in Virginia.

To learn more about Republican Jeff McWaters, click here. To learn more about Democrat William Fleming, click here for a news article.


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