Posted by: jamesvw | December 18, 2009

January 12 – Virgina 37th State Senate District

Jan. 12 – Virginia’s 37th State Senate District


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In a highly important State Senate race in Virginia, Republicans are looking to hold onto the seat vacated by Ken Cuccinelli, newly elected Attorney General of the state. Currently, Democrats hold a precarious 21-17 lead with two vacancies. One will certainly be filled by a Republican in Virginia Beach since there is no Democrat running.

Now that Republicans won the Governor’s mansion in the state, they hope to keep the margin in the chamber as small as possible to push through their agenda. The 37th District will be hard one to defend. Of the seven Senate districts that contain at least a piece of populous Fairfax county, which borders Washington D.C., only this seat had a Republican Senator.

It is difficult to say which party has the upper hand in the district. Cuccinelli only won reelection in 2007 by 92 votes, but Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell won the district with 57% on his way to victory in November.

In a firehouse primary early in December, Steve Hunt pulled off a somewhat surprising victory in the Republican primary. He is a former Fairfax County School Board member and a Navy veteran and has staked out a fairly conservative position on the ideological spectrum. To learn more about his candidacy, click here.

His opponent also has an interesting political background. Virginia Delegate (the equivalent of a Representative) David Marsden was a Republican until 2002. Elected to a district that overlaps about a quarter of this State Senate district, he is known for being a conservative Democrat and bucking the party line fairly often. To learn more, click here.


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