Posted by: jamesvw | December 17, 2009

Third-Party Candidates

Some Thoughts on Third Party Candidates

In this blog’s everlasting quest to spread news about special elections and to increase turnout, one issue that enters into its realm is the two-party system. As reflected by commentators on the special election in Georgia on January 5th and by the poll results for Illinois governor right now, this blog has attracted readers who do not always identify with Democrats or Republicans.

As perhaps was shown by the recent special Congressional election in New York where a third-party candidate received the highest vote total for a third party Congressional candidate since early this century and in a new poll that showed that a “Tea Party” would actually beat the Republican Party, voter interest can be piqued by these third parties and they are important to help drive up turnout and shape policy debate by the two main ruling parties.

With this in mind, albeit in continuation with this blog’s stated non-partisan approach, I extend an invitation to any candidate, Republican, Democrat or from a third party to participate in a Q+A with this site. It is a good way to spread your message and it is a good way to inform voters about their options.

Leave any request to participate in the comments and I will be in touch.


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