Posted by: jamesvw | December 14, 2009

Results from Houston Mayoral Race

Results in Houston Mayoral Race

Photo Credit - Smiley Pool, Houston Chronicle

Sorry for the late posting of this information, I was away for the weekend.

My prediction was way off in this race as Annise Parker was elected the new mayor of Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States. Media has played up the fact that she is the first openly gay person to lead a major US city.

Parker defeated Gene Locke 52.8% to 47.2%. Turnout was a robust 16.5%. In recent weeks, the race had become vitriolic as some Locke supporters used gay-bashing tactics to try to win over conservatives.

Facing Parker are many of the municipal problems created by the recession. She will come into office on January 1st and will have to reckon with necessary budget cuts as the city currently faces a 3 million dollar shortfall. Parker is also looking to shake up the Houston Police Department and the Metropolitan Transit Agency. For both, she will be choosing a new chief in the next month.


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