Posted by: jamesvw | December 14, 2009

January 19 – Runoff for Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama

Jan. 19 – Runoff for Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama


Click here to request an absentee ballot – Send this application to:

Circuit Clerk Anne-Marie Adams
716 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd
Birmingham, Alabama 35203-0001

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The first round of the election has whittled a candidate pool of 14 down to 2. Gone are many colorful characters as well as some powerful Birmingham leaders. Still in the race are two well-known names in the city, attorney Patrick Cooper and Jefferson County Commissioner William Bell. Cooper easily outpaced all other candidates in the election, finishing with 40% of the vote out of the field, but the sheer number of candidates ensured that no one would have more than 50% at the end of the night.

Bell, who received 25% of the vote last week, hopes to pick up the undecided voters and move ahead of Cooper in the general election. Already, the two men have agreed to 4 debates and have started making their case to the voters.

William Bell is both helped and hampered by 30 years in local government. He hopes to come across as experienced, while Patrick Cooper, who lost the 2007 Birmingham mayoral race to the now removed-from-office Larry Langford, hopes to paint his opponent as an insider. It will certainly be a race of new blood vs. old blood – Cooper is 50 years old and has never held elected office. His name, however, is familiar, as his father served as a State Representative and a US ambassador. Bell, 60, was first elected to the City Council 30 years ago. Elected last year to the County Commission, this is also Bell’s fourth run for the mayoral office.

To learn more about Patrick Cooper, visit his website here. To learn more about William Bell, visit his website here.


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