Posted by: jamesvw | December 9, 2009

Roundup of Results from December 8

Roundup of Results from December 8

Well, it was a heck of a night. My predictions were off in Kentucky, but solid elsewhere. It remains to be seen if my pick to win in Birmingham, Patrick Cooper wins the runoff, but he did garner, by far, the most votes last night.

  • To update on two races that I did not report on from last night, Paul Krekorian beat out Christine Essel to become the newest member of the Los Angeles City Council. Krekorian garnered 56.6% of the vote to Essel’s 43.4%. This concludes a vicious and mean-spirited campaign where Krekorian was accused of mysogyny and anti-Semitism while his campaign ran ads accusing Essel of working with deniers of the Armenian Genocide. Hundreds of thousands of dollars from interest groups were spent here, mostly on Essel.
  • In Arkansas, Republican Michael Lamoureaux won the race in Arkansas’ 4th Senate district, winning 70% of the vote. This was to be expected.
  • In the other races, Martha Coakley showed her cross-state appeal while easily winning the Democratic primary to replace Ted Kennedy in the US Senate. She received 47% of the vote in the 4-way race. Scott Brown won the Republican primary with 89% of the vote, but he has a steep hill to climb. Both Republican candidates received only slightly more than half of Coakley’s total, not including the other Democratic rivals. Their general election will be held on January 12.
  • In Birmingham, Alabama, Attorney Patrick Cooper, who finished second in 2007 to now disgraced former Mayor Larry Langford, came in first, but did not receive enough votes to avoid a runoff. He will go head to head with Jefferson County Commissioner William Bell. This election will be held on January 19 and will be covered right here.
  • In Kentucky, Republicans had a good night, protecting an important State Senate seat while picking up a House seat. Jimmy Higdon defeated Jodie Haydon to win the 14th State Senate seat in central Kentucky with 56% of the vote. Jill York won a House seat previously held by a Democrat when she defeated Barry Webb with 60% of the vote.

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