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Results for December 8 Elections

December 8 Election Results

Here is the official thread – For now, check out today’s races and upcoming races at the special election calendar and read about 2010 races.

For an Election roundup of the day’s results, click here.

For results from Kentucky, click here
For results from Arkansas, click here
For results from Massachusetts, click here
For results from Birmingham, AL, click here
For results in LA, click here

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10:19 – Alright, thank you all for tuning in – over 1,500 hits – I will write up a summary tomorrow on the races and look forward to more of these elections with all of you.

10:19 – So here’s what happened tonight –

Republicans swept two seats in Kentucky, one Senate Seat that they had controlled and one House seat that had been the Democrats.

Martha Coakley is the Democratic nominee to fill  Ted Kennedy’s US Senate seat while Scott Brown will start the uphill climb as the Republican nominee trying to win the seat as well.

Republicans look certain to win a rural senate seat in Arkansas that they were predicted to hold onto

Patrick Cooper won the most votes, but he will face William Bell in a runoff to decide the next mayor of Birmingham, AL

Later tonight, a city council election in LA will be held – a district with over 125,000 registered voters. How many will turn out remains to be seen.

10:10 – 88%, it will be  Cooper-Bell runoff in Birmingham. Stay tuned in January.

10:07 – To update, Capuano’s best town is now Somerville, his home, where he got 67% of the vote.

10:05 – With 98% reporting, Coakley has 47%, with 303,000+ votes, Capuano has 28% with 181,000+ votes, Khazei has 87,000+ votes and 13% and Pagliuca has almost 79,ooo votes with 12% of the vote. This was a drubbing

9:59 – 73%, Cooper down to 41%, Bell still at 25%

9:57 – Cooper seems to have plateaued in Birmingham, stuck at 42% with 67% reporting. Runoff with William Bell looks likely

9:56 – Hey, we have results in Arkansas. As is expected, 66% so far for the Republican with 17% in. This should not be a surprise.

9:54 – I am curious to see how much Pagliuca spent per vote in his quixotic election campaign. But he ran it with integrity and I am sure he will be back on the political scene. He did best in the more conservative towns in Eastern Massachusetts, getting one quarter in New Bedford and Fall River, 28% in Swansea and 23% in Somerset. He only got 1% in Williamstown.

9:50 – Khazei did best in the liberal areas – outright winning one town, Alford (in the Berkshires) and getting one in three votes in Concord, Brookline, Lincoln and a quarter of the votes in Newton. It would be hard to argue that this didn’t directly take away from Capuano. Khazei only got 4% in Fall River and North Adams

9:45 – Capuano did best in a pocket in the liberal west and in his home area around Somerville. His best town was Shutesbury, where he got 58% of the vote, received 50% in Amherst and 46% in Williamsburg. Capuano got almost no traction in the north Berkshires, getting only 13% of the vote in Williamstown (very liberal though it is) and 15% in Lenox

9:41 – Interesting – Coakley’s best towns were all in the Berkshires – clearly she sold her connections to the area well. She got 90% in Clarksburg, 74% in North Adams and the same percentage in Adams. Her worst town? Maynard with only 13% of the overall vote. She also did somewhat poorly (its all relative when you win a four-way race with almost 50% of the vote) in the most liberal towns. 33% in Cambridge, 35% in Amherst, 35% in Brookline and 37% in Chelsea.

9:38 – Cooper still in the lead at 43%, Bell at 25%, Smitherman at 16% and Anthony at 12%

9:37 – By the way, to keep up to date on future special elections, follow me on twitter @jamesvanwag

9:24 – Patrick Cooper is nearing the 50% plateau – color me surprised that anyone would come close. 43% with 40% reporting. And I am honestly surprised how badly Steve Hoyt and Scott Douglas are doing in this race. I guess they had no niche – they got squeezed out by other better known candidates.

9:21 – Coakley leads by almost 100,000 votes with 76% reporting. Some in the Capuano camp will say that Khazei took progressive votes from him, but even all of Khazei’s 60,000+ votes could not have bridged this gap

9:16 – No word in Arkansas yet. So far tonight, I have been right on who would win in Massachusetts, though off in my % totals, and wrong in Kentucky. LA to come in a few hours

9:12 – Come back tomorrow for a post-mortem on the Massachusetts race – I will go in depth into voting patterns when more complete data is available.

9:08 – In the Berkshires, voters really came out for Coakley, winning almost 4 in 5 voters in her birth town of North Adams. She showed strength in traditional liberal hubs, winning Northampton (where Khazei did poorly, despite his outreach to young people…goes to show that young people are not motivated, bad news for Democrats nationwide) as well as more conservative areas like New Bedford

9:02 – Coakley was really impressive tonight – swept nearly every corner of the state except for Boston and Capuano’s hometown of Somerville and neighboring Cambridge.

8:58 – Patrick Cooper takes the lead in Birmingham, with 20% reporting, he has 37% of the vote. Bell has 29% and Smitherman 18%

8:56 – Wow, that was quick – Martha Coakley has won the Democratic Primary and Scott Brown has won the Republican Primary for Senator of Massachusetts! Congrats to both campaigns

8:49 – 35% in, CO still up at 48% (106,764) CA 27% (61,048), KH 13% (28,366), PA 12% (27,857) – this looks like a done deal

8:46 – Very early results in Birmingham, William Bell is leading by 300 votes over any other challenger. But he is not over 50% and there is plenty more to come.

8:43 – My hometown is reporting. Aw, makes me homesick. For Democrats in Great Barrington, CO won with 382, KH with 187, CA with 138 and PA with 37. For Republicans, 36 for SB, 11 for JR. I am biased for I believe as goes Great Barrington, so goes the state. But I’ll reserve judgment for a little while…

8:40 – 22% – CO at 48%, CA at 27%, KH at 14%, PA at 12% – Wow, almost to 50% for Coakley so far

8:38 – The good news for CA is that he is running ahead very early on in Boston. But low turnout there…

8:38 – In exciting news, only to me from the far far west of the state, Khazei actually won a town out there, my once-neighboring Alford – 37 votes to 25 for Coakley

8:36 – 14% – CO 42,383, CA 24,153, KH 12,791, PA 10, 113 – Looking good for Martha Coakley. Who wants to be Massachusetts’ new Attorney General?

8:33 – That explains it, the Boston Globe cool overlay has transposed Coakley and Capuano – so on the map, while it looks like Capuano is wiping the floor, it is actually Coakley who is doing well throughout the state.

8:30 – 7% – CO 24,456, CA 12,926, KH 8,162, PA 5,749

8:28 – CO up 1,000 on CA in Newton. That is bad news bears for the congressman. KH even has 100 more votes that CA there

8:27 – Wholly unsubstantiated rumor, but it is that Smitherman and Bell are running neck and neck in Birmingham. This is how rumors get started…

8:25 – 6% – looking good for CO – 19,969 for her, 10,767 for CA, 6,881 for KH and 4,462 for PA

8:23 – CA leads in Cambridge, Concord is very good to CO as is Grafton and in my favorite town, Sandisfield (well, second favorite to my own) CO got 28 votes, CA got 25, KH 8 and PA 2

8:22 – 2%, CO at 7,939, CA at 4,433, KH at 3,320, PA at 1,536

8:20 – As expected, Scott Brown is winning easily early in the Republican primary, 1,557 to Jack Robinson’s 203
8:18 – 1% in, CO at 4,128, CA at 2,312, KH at 1,494, PA at 869

8:15 – These are the first few precincts – accordingly they don’t mean much. Now CO with 952, CA with 462, PA with 255, KH with 216. In the town of Gosnold, which is done reporting, Khazei and Coakley both got 33%

8:12 – Ok, first results coming in. Coakley with 291, Capuano with 157, Pagliuca with 72 and Khazei with 26. For future reference, I will do CO, CA, PA, and KH for the candidates

8:07 – SSP reminds me that with Higdon’s victory, there will be a special election for his House seat. More for us to enjoy…

8:04 – Off topic – full results from KY SD 14 have Higdon winning with 56%

8:00 – And we are off…Nominees for Senate in Massachusetts and a new Mayor of Birmingham, or at least two runoff candidates if no one breaks 50%. We shall see…

7:57 – Who is it going to be?

7:54 – Birmingham closes at the same time, I will have my eye on that race too

7:51 – Good timing too – The MAIN EVENT IS ABOUT TO BEGIN. I am quite excited. Click here for live town-by-town vote totals in Massachusetts. My home state is taking the first step to electing a new Senator in this seat for the first time since 1962.

7:49 – Well it is over in Kentucky, Republican Jimmy Higdon has kept this seat in the hands of his party, beating Jodie Haydon. Haydon has conceded the race. I will post more complete results as they come available, but for now, congratulations to Higdon’s campaign.

7:42 – In reading more about HD 96, it appears that Democrats largely sacrificed the seat so that a Democrat, the former representative Robin Webb could win a State Senate seat earlier in November. Interesting strategy. To read more about tonight’s results in this race, click here.

7:37 – Well, I was wrong in Kentucky – apparently money doesn’t buy you everything. The horse racing industry has poured money into the coffers of Democrats there but it doesn’t seem to be helping in SD 14. Jodie Haydon still trails big.

7:32 – Not a good night for Democrats in Kentucky. Jill York has won the 96th House District there, defeating Democrat Barry Webb. Congrats to the York campaign. 2545 for York and 1663 for Webb. Democrats don’t have to worry too much though, they still control the Kentucky House 64-36

7:29 – As of 6 PM, only 15% of voters in Boston had voted. With two hours left, it will be interesting to see if this number even gets over 20%. It means that votes are more powerful and whomever energized their supporters the most will win.

7:24 – Unless Nelson and Taylor counties are huge, you can stick a fork in this one. The Republican in SD  14 is up by 2000 votes. Click here for results

7:20 – Without knowing much about the district, I’d say Democrats are in trouble in SD 14. Jimmy Higdon now leads Haydon by 1,800 votes after Marion County was counted.

7:16 – Heya, some results are coming in from Kentucky. In Mercer County, Republican Jimmy Higdon got 1,542 to Democrat Jodie Haydon’s 1,186. 4 counties to go!

7:12 – Man, Kentucky must have taken a post-election nap. In other news, you should read about the epic battle for Kentucky’s US Senate seat in 2010 here

7:00 – Bhama time – oops, I lied not until 8 PM

6:50 – I am curious if my predictions will hold up – Coakley in MA, Dem wins in both Kentucky seats, Patrick Cooper in Birmingham and Krekorian in LA

6:48 – Still nada from Kentucky. Birmingham should be closing soon.

6:38 – On a cool note, we now have over 1,000 page visits today for the first time in this fledgling blog’s lifetime.

6:37 – Still nothing out of Kentucky…

6:16 – Things aren’t happening yet. Will be right back after these messages – and after I grab some food.

6:04 – By the way, polls close in Birmingham at 7 EST, Massachusetts at 8 EST and in LA at 11 PM EST

6:00 – Polls close in Kentucky. Results for SD 14 and HD 96 should start to trickle in.

5:41 – Kentucky closes at 6 PM so those results will start off the night with a bang. To remind everyone, click here to read about the race. Democrats are hoping to pick up a seat in the narrowly split Senate. This was the most expensive race in Kentucky legislative history.

5:35 – In a brief update on Massachusetts, I hear that there is fairly low turnout across the state. Conventional wisdom says this is not good for the front-runner Martha Coakley – but, as is oft stated on this blog, conventional wisdom means very little in special elections.

I also hear that robo-calls are out of control. Man, I hate those things.


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