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January 5 – Georgia State Senate District 22 and House District 122

Jan. 5 – Georgia State Senate 22 and House 122 (Augusta)


In the wake of the appointment of Democratic Senator Ed Tarver to be US Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia, two special elections will be held in Augusta area. One is to fill his seat and the other is to fill the House seat of Democrat Hardie Davis, who resigned to run for Tarver’s Senate seat.

Unfortunately, only the Senate race will have any action. Only one candidate qualified for the ballot in the House race and will be formally elected on January 5.

Augusta is the famed home of the Professional Golf Association’s Masters tournament and has a population of 195,000 people.

Click here to receive your absentee ballot for these races. To find out if you live in district, click here.

In the State Senate race, there are four candidates, three Democrats and a Libertarian. Hardie Davis has served in the legislature since 2006. The Senior Pastor at Abundant Life Worship Center, he also has a background in electrical engineering. To learn more, click here.

Fellow Democrat and Richmond County Solicitor Harold Jones is also looking to fill this vacant seat. As Solicitor, he is responsible for prosecuting all misdemeanor offenses in the city. He was the first African-American elected to this position in Richmond County.

Sandra Suetta Cannon Scott is the third Democrat running for election in this race. A political novice, Scott is a professional musician and an adjunct professor of music at Aiken Technical College.

Libertarian candidate Taylor Bryant is the third candidate in the race and while he acknowledges that he starts as an underdog, he feels that he win. Spokesman of the Georgia Libertarian party, he is also an auto technician. To learn more, click here.

In the 122nd House District, only one Democrat, Earnie Smith qualified for the ballot. Smith is currently an energy consultant for Savannah River Nuclear Solutions and served on the Augusta Aviation Commission.



  1. TAYLOR BRYANT for GA State Senate District 22 – on January 5th! I believe some people will be VERY surprised by the amount of votes he gets, and he CAN win!

    Taylor Bryant is – A volunteer in Augusta-Richmond County for the Pride and Progress Gordon Highway cleanup efforts, and the Georgia Golf Gardens landscape project.

    Taylor Bryant is – A man, who at a young age, paid his own way through college by hard work, working at Avondale Textiles, waiting tables, and selling auto parts.

    Taylor Bryant is – A man who has made his living by working on commission for over twelve years in the automotive industry, focusing on European car repairs and car restorations.

    Taylor Bryant is – A man who can relate to the struggles of everyday people, because that is what he is, and that is who he’s fighting for.

    Taylor Bryant IS – A common man, who will represent common people, with common sense in government.

    Even if you don’t live in the district and can not vote for Taylor Bryant, you can still support him by spreading the word, volunteering and/or contributing to his campaign to get a LIBERTY minded candidate into office with realistic ideas and proven methods that will work to help constituents and others, by bringing greater numbers and better opportunities in jobs, quality education and a better quality of life for people, and who will work to ensure that each individuals’ RIGHTS to their personal Life, Liberty and Pursuit of happiness will be secured!

    I choose Taylor!

    See more info, platform, media video clips, videos from Candidates’ Forums and more.. WWW[DOT]BRYANTFORAUGUSTA[DOT]COM

  2. Well said Robert,

    This is the first election in Georgia for the 2010 cycle and we have a Libertarian on the ballot. Taylor Bryant needs the support of all liberty loving citizens, no matter what their location so go to his website and drop a dollar on the man’s donate button! Support Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom! Vote for Libertarian Taylor Bryant!

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