Posted by: jamesvw | December 4, 2009

February 2 – Florida’s 19th Congressional District

Feb. 2 – Special Election for US House Seat in Florida’s 19th District

After Congresman Robert Wexler resigned his seat to become the director of the Center for Middle-East Peace and Economic Cooperation, a special election will be held to fill his former position. A district with a strong Democratic slant as well as a strong Jewish population, the election originally received some attention when Governor Charlie Crist placed the general election date on the last day of Passover, outraging local Jewish leaders. He has since changed it.

Before this general election in April, both parties have to choose their nominee. Democrats have two choices in February while Republicans have three.

Click here, after the new year, to receive an absentee ballot. Click here to register to vote.


Recently endorsed by the local SEIU and seen largely as the establishment favorite, Ted Deutch is looking to trade in his job in Tallahassee for Washington. Currently a State Senator, Deutch has built a reputation on issues of health-care and related to Israel. He was served in the legislature since 2006. To learn more, click here.

Ben Graber is no stranger to taking on the establishment. A former State Representative and a former Broward County Commissioner, Graber ran against Wexler in 2008 from the left, targeting the Congressman’s positions on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. To learn more, click here.


Voters will also get another look at Wexler’s 2008 Republican challenger, Edward Lynch. A business executive who moved from his own telecommunications business into the world of consulting, Lynch hopes to have better luck this year, receiving 28% of the vote last time around. To learn more, click here.

Joe Budd was the only candidate to qualify for the ballot by collected the necessary signatures instead of forking over a ballot-qualification fee. He hopes that this is a sign of strength as he runs for office for the first time. A financial planner, Budd is a father of three and a deacon at his local church. To learn more, click here.

Curt Price has worked as a public servant before, but far from the political side of things. A retired police officer who served for over 20 years, Price also built a private security company with his wife and now runs the small business full time. To learn more about his campaign, click here.



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