Posted by: jamesvw | December 2, 2009

December 8 – Special Election Preview

December 8 Special Election Preview

Well last night was crazy here on the blog – and only served as an appetizer for next week’s races. Most eyes will be focused on Massachusetts but there are other important races on the ballot around the country.

Los Angeles City Council District 2 (Original Post)

In a battle over who is more liberal – and fitting for the sprawling city council race – Christine Essel and Paul Krekorian are brutally fighting to become the newest Los Angeles City Councilor.

Arkansas State Senate District 4 (Original Post)

In a largely overlooked race in and around Russellville, Arkansas, Republicans are hoping to hold onto a State Senate seat. Representative Michael Lamoureux is attempting to win the seat as the Republican candidate and faces John Burnett, the Democrat. Democrats hold a commanding lead in the Arkansas State Senate, 27-7 with this one vacancy.

Kentucky State Senate District 14 and House District 96 (Original Post)

A ton of money has poured into this State Senate race where Democrats are looking to come closer to the majority in the Senate. Democrat Jodie Haydon is hoping to beat out Republican Jimmy Higdon. In the House race, Democrats are on the defense, with Barry Webb holding their mantle while Republicans are backing Jill York. The State Senate is currently 19-17 with one indpendent who caucauses with the Republicans. A Democratic win would make it 19-18-1. The House is much less interesting, Democrats control it 64-35 with this one vacancy.

Mayor of Birmingham (Original Post)

What a frenetic ride it has been to this election. At the end of this election, the city will have had 4 mayors in 6 weeks and will still be facing growing poverty and budget shortfalls. 14 candidates have filed to run, from political insiders to political newcomers – and in a race that big, anything can happen.

Massachusetts US Senate Primary (Original Post)

It has been a long time since Massachusetts has elected a new US Senator and with the unfortunate passing of Senator Ted Kennedy, who served since 1963, both parties will choose nominees to become the newest Junior Senator from Massachusetts. Democrats have 4 candidates, Republicans have two. Read about them in the original post and then vote in the poll below.


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