Posted by: jamesvw | December 1, 2009

Rundown on Election Day Results

Rundown on December 1 Results

Ok, here is what I think happened tonight. Let me know if I missed anything

In the marquee race, it appears that Kasim Reed very narrowly defeated Mary Norwood to become Mayor of Atlanta by a 51% to 49% margin. There will be a recount as Kasim Reed holds a 500 vote lead over Mary Norwood, less than 1%.

Democrat Donzella James won the Atlanta based State Senate district over fellow Democrat Torrey Johnson 53%-47%. In the other all Democratic race, Simone Bell beat Asha Jackson 53% to 47% in House District 58. In an all Republican showdown, Kip Smith beat Steve Earles 65% to 35% in HD 129 and in the one seat where a party switch was possible, Independent Rusty Kidd defeated Democrat Darrell Black 64% to 36%, resulting in a Democratic seat loss in HD 141.

In Warner Robins, Chuck Shaheen will be the new mayor after defeating Chulk Chalk 52% to 48%.

In Tennessee, Republicans held a State Senate seat easily. Brian Kelsey won with 75% of the vote over Adrienne Pakis-Gillon. Republicans also chose Mark White to be their nominee in HD 83, previously held by Kelsey, and he will face Democrat Guthrie Castle on January 12.

Last, in Virginia, three Republican candidates ran in a highly unusual 6 pm to 10 pm primary in the 37th State Senate district to replace a Republican. When the counting is through tomorrow, the winner will face David Marsden in January. (UPDATE, a commenter has informed this blog that Steven Hunt has won the primary…) It’s confirmed, Steve Hunt is the Republican nominee in the 37th State Senate District of Virginia. Congratulations to his campaign

Just in case you are curious, the predictions were pretty accurate – correct on every race except for the Virginia primary – assuming Steven Hunt did end up winning. Apparently working for the Bush administration just doesn’t work any more for Republican voters (who knew?)



  1. Thank you for such a valuable information source. It’s amazing to see it all in one place, and presented in a way that’s more meaningful than the mainstream press ever does.

    One suggestion: When reporting on election results, please consider providing the actual vote counts (so we can determine the margin of victory) and the percentage of voter turnout (so we can gauge voter involvement/apathy).

    Thanks again for an amazing website.

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