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Results from December 1 Election

Election Results (To be updated through the night)

Click here to get results for races in metro Atlanta, Georgia

Click here for results in Tennessee Senate Election and House Primary (East Memphis)

11:11 – Ah, its the early and absentee votes being added now. We shall see what happens…

11:09 – I give up, I don’t know whats happening. Still with 100% reporting, Reed now leads by 1,402 votes……

11:05 – Oops, 100% doesn’t really mean 100%. Reed’s lead is now at 815 votes still with 100% reporting. But it still appears that he has won the race.

11:00 – Its over?!?!? – It appears that Kasim Reed has been elected Mayor of Atlanta – with 100% reporting, he leads by 1,161 votes. Congratulations to the Mayor-Elect – quite an exciting race.

10:53 – 93% in, Reed 51%, Norwood 49% – just under 2,000 votes separate the two. Is this going to a recount?

10:47 – 86% in and Reed leads 52% to 48% by 2400 votes. Will he hold on?

10:44 – 52% to 48% – The tension is killing me. Good thing I have music

10:42 – Closer and closer – Mary Norwood has now gotten within 2,500 votes of Kasim Reed with 20% of the votes yet to be counted. Its 53% to 47%

10:40 – It’s official in SD 35 – Donzella James led all night and has now won the 35th district Georgia Senate seat, returning to the legislature after a short absence. Congratulations to her campaign

10:36 – Rumor has it that former Bush official Marianne Horinko will place third in the Virginia primary. So much for White House experience

10:31 – 77% in Atlanta and its narrowing. Reed at 53% to Norwood’s 47%. Still a 3,800 vote spread though

10:30 – Apparently there was “heavy turnout” in the Virginia primary tonight. Clearly, Republicans are motivated. It remains to be seen if Democrats can match this over the next year.

10:27 – It looks like Simone Bell will eke out a victory in HD 58 over Asha Johnson, as she is now leading by 250 votes with one precinct remaining.

10:23 – Reports from inside the Reed camp suggest high anxiety – this one is going to be very close.

10:21 – We are getting closer to knowing the next Mayor of Atlanta. Kasim Reed continues to lead Mary Norwood. However, most districts that are supposed to be favorable to him have been counted. With 2/3rds counted (66%) Reed leads 54% to 46%, by just under 4,000 votes.

10:18 – And its over in Tennessee, folks. Mark White wins with 1854 votes, followed by John Pellicciotti with 1556 and Michael Porter with 121. Congrats to White’s campaign. He will face Democrat Guthrie Castle and independent John Andreucetti on January 12.

10:16 – I am not the only one, the Memphis Flyer is also calling the comfortable victory of Brian Kelsey. The House District 83 primary is still too close to call.

10:14 – I am going to go ahead and call Brian Kelsey the victor in the 31st State Senate District of Tennessee. Congratulations to his campaign. This is a hold for Republicans and an important one, the state is closely split.

10:08 – Click here to see all upcoming special elections

In this lull, I will remind people what is coming next week. The main event is the primary to fill Ted Kennedy’s US Senate seat in Massachusetts. 4 Democrats and 2 Republicans will be vying for their respective party’s nominations.

Birmingham, Alabama will elect a new mayor – 14 candidates are running – this site has information on all of them.

Important State Senate races will be held in Arkansas and Kentucky – the latter will especially be hotly contested as Democrats attempt to consolidate some power under Governor Steve Beshear.

Lastly, a very powerful City Council seat in Los Angeles will be voted on – this race has been particularly vicious. Should be very close at the end of the night.

10:03 – Polls just closed at the “firehouse primary” in Virginia – expect results shortly.

9:59 – That must have been most of HD 58 votes because, now with 83% reporting in the district, Simone Bell leads Asha Jackson 53%-47% and by over 200 votes. Two precincts to go.

9:58 – It looked like vote counters had taken a nap in Georgia – but they were just storing up for a big dump. Now with 53% reporting, Kasim Reed leads Mary Norwood 53% to 47%, 20,029 to 17,542.

9:57 – In the Senate race, more of the same – Republican Brian Kelsey at 6573, Democrat Adrienne Pakis-Gillon at 2204.

9:54 – More counted in Tennessee House District 83 – Not too much change, Mark White at 1630 and John Pellicciotti at 1418.

9:52 – In other election news today, Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon was found guilty on fraudulent misappropriation by a fiduciary (not a felony) and she will probably lose her seat for this. This will mean a special election in the city in the next few months.

9:47 – Still no word from the “firehouse primary” in Virginia SD 37 where three Republicans are hoping to be the nominee in this Northern Virginia district

9:46 – 600 page visits on this blog tonight – Pretty good, thanks for stopping by

9:42 – New numbers in Tennessee – It is unclear how many precincts are reporting – Mark White seems to be pulling away with 1607 votes to 1398 for John Pellicciotti. Democrat Guthrie Castle has only managed 418 votes in his uncontested primary.

9:39 – I am as impatient for results in the Tennessee House race as you are…

9:37 – In the Senate race to replace Reed, Donzella James continues to lead with 88% of votes counted. She has a 330 vote lead over Torrey Johnson

9:35 – Kasim Reed has to be feeling good. One-third of the votes counted (32%) and he is leading by 2,000 votes! 10% points.

9:33 – In two interesting City Council races in Atlanta, tonight could go to the wire. In the city council president race, Ceasar Mitchell is leading with 58% of the vote and 20% reporting. In the at-large race, Aaron Watson leads with 57% and 27% reporting.

9:32 – Kasim Reed holding steady at 20% reporting, leading by 1,400 votes.

9:29 – Its close in HD 58 – Simone Bell leads by 30 votes with 50% of the vote counted

9:26 – In the brief lull – I’ll recap. So far, Democrats have lost one seat to an Independent in Georgia, while two Republicans won their runoffs in the Peach State. One other Democrat-Democrat race is outstanding. Chuck Shaheen won in Warner Robins, Georgia and Kasim Reed has an early lead in Atlanta. And Republicans look likely to hold a State Senate seat in Tennessee. No word yet out of Virginia where there is a Republican primary in an important State Senate race.

9:23 – Well, results are starting to look more encouraging to Mary Norwood. With 15% reporting, Reed leads 4,855 to 3,913 or 55% to 45%.

9:19 – Real numbers from HD 58 in Atlanta, Simone Bell leading with 649 to Asha Jackson 494 with 25% reporting

9:16 – New numbers from East Memphis, TN – Republican Brian Kelsey is easily holding his lead 4720 to 1463. In the House Republican primary, Mark White is narrowly leading John Pellicciotti 1252 to 1038. This is with a little less than 50% of the votes counted.

9:12 – Mary Norwood is hoping that the really early results won’t mean anything in the long run. Kasim Reed leads 70% to 30% with 8% reporting in the Atlanta Mayoral Runoff

9:10 – It looks like Donzella James is pulling away in SD 35 – up by 400 votes with 17% left to be counted

9:09 – Tennessee is slow coming in – still waiting on confirmation of a Republican hold in the State Senate seat

9:03 – Fed up with TV commentators – more results from Atlanta, Kasim Reed leads with 470 to Mary Norwood’s 231. Still only 1% reporting

8:57 – Chuck Shaheen has officially won the mayoral race in Warner Robins 2,927 votes, to Chuck Chalk’s 2,737. Congrats to his campaign

8:51 – The first totals from Atlanta – with 0% reporting, Kasim Reed has 159 and Mary Norwood has 146

8:49 – In a very low turnout race in one of Atlanta’s house seats, HD 58, Simone Bell is leading Asha Jackson 68-36. And that constitutes 41% of the district reporting. Signs of apathy in Atlanta?

8:46 – In one of the closest races of the night, Donzella James continues to lead Torrey Johnson but by a smaller margin, 55% to 45% with 58% reporting

8:44 – It would seem that these Tennessee totals that are coming in are from early voters…

8:39 – It looks highly likely that Republicans will hold the Senate Seat in Tennessee. Brian Kelsey leads Adrienne Pakis-Gillon by 3430 to 939. It is unclear what percent of the vote this constitutes.

8:37 – Results are starting to come in from Tennessee – In the Republican primary  – John Pellicciotti leads with 725 votes, Mark White is second with 659 and Michael Porter is far behind with 47

8:35 – Still waiting on Atlanta…….

8:32 – Rusty Kidd has officially won in Georgia HD 141 over Darrell Black. This is a lost seat for the Democrats in Georgia, as they held this seat last session. Kidd won 64% to 36%. Congrats to Kidd’s campaign

8:29 – Douglas County has finished reporting in Georgia SD 35 – Donzella James leads Torrey Johnson 278-271. Fulton county is much bigger in the district – only 18% of the district is reporting

8:24 – Kip Smith has officially won in Georgia HD 129 – 65% to 35%. Congratulations to his campaign

8:21 – This blog got a fascinating comment from a candidate for Mayor in Kent, Ohio who, last month, tied in his race – 2, 502 votes a piece. On November 20, Rick Hawksley, the commenter, lost on a coin flip! It goes to show how important one vote can be. Mr. Hawksley sure knows that. Click here to read the story

8:18 – Lots of cities and towns also had elections today. Any that you are watching and want to share?

8:16 – With all election-day ballots counted in Warner Robins, Georgia, Chuck Shaheen leads Chuck Chalk by 131 votes – 2,466 votes, – 2,335 votes. It would take a small miracle for Chalk to overcome this deficit when absentee ballots are counted

8:15 – Rusty Kidd (I-GA) is leading Darrell Black (D) in Georgia 141. With five of the 12 precincts counted, plus absentee and early ballots, Kidd had 1,338 votes; Darrell Black 643.

8:10 – Georgia HD 129 – Kip Smith leads Steve Earles 70% to 30% with 75% of the vote counted. This one seems over. Both candidates are Republicans

8:08 – Watching Obama’s speech and keeping an eye on the results in Georgia that have just closed



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