Posted by: jamesvw | November 28, 2009

Step by Step Voting in Massachusetts

How to Vote in Massachusetts

This is the first of many guides to voting throughout the United States. Click here to find other states and their rules about voting.

This is a step by step guide to voting in Massachusetts. This is important for the US Senate race primary on December 8 as well as for next November.

Step 1 – Make sure you are registered to vote.

In Massachusetts, once you are registered, you will not be unregistered at any point unless you choose to do so. If you are not registered to vote, click here to do so. You must be 18 years old, a US citizen and a Massachusetts resident to do so. You must also send in a copy of identification with your completed registration form – or you must show such ID when you go to vote for the first time.

If you have moved to a new city or town, you must register again.

Step 2 –  Find out when the next election is.

For Massachusetts, the Special US Senate primary is on December 8, the Special general election is January 12.

Step 3 – Find out where to vote

Massachusetts allows you to type in your address to find this information out. To find your polling location, click here.

Step 4 – Decide who to vote for and study ballot questions

Sample ballots for general elections will be posted on this website. You can also find out who your current representatives are here by typing in your address.

Step 5 – Vote on Election Day or vote absentee before Election Day

Polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm and the election is almost always held on a Tuesday. You are allowed to carry in a piece of paper or notes to help you remember who you decided to vote for or information about ballot questions.

If the poll worker does not have your name on the list, you may challenge this at town hall or cast a provisional ballot. These ballots are counted once your identity has been established and your registration confirmed.

If you are not going to be present for election day, you may vote via absentee ballot. Click here to request your absentee ballot. These requests must be mailed to your town or city clerk. These addresses can be found here.


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