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December 1 – Special Election Rundown

December 1 – Special Election Rundown

On Tuesday, races in two key Southern states will be voted on. Some of these have elicited a great deal of attention. Candidates have spent millions of dollars to keep momentum going into December. And it all comes down to this one day.

On tap are the runoff elections in Georgia, including the race for Mayor of Atlanta, as well as runoffs in 3 Georgia State House races and one State Senate race. Currently, Republicans control the Georgia House of Representatives 104-73 with three vacancies (not including these undecided races) and control the State Senate 34-21 with this race to determine who the 22nd Democrat will be.

Tennessee also has two very important races – one State Senate race and one primary for a race in the House of Representatives where Republicans hold the chamber by a razor-thin margin, 49-48 with one independent. The independent, Kent Williams, was a Republican who sided with Democrats to become Speaker and if Democrats win this race in January, it will solidify the Democrats claim on controlling the House.

Georgia – Click here to find out where to vote.

Mayor of Atlanta (Click here for more information in the original post)

Voters in Atlanta will decide between Mary Norwood and Kasim Reed. To learn more about voting in Georgia, click here. This campaign has been the most brutal in recent memory and polls have shown the race to be neck and neck. Every vote is important. Atlanta voters will also be choosing in some city council precincts. To learn more about these races, click here.

**Remember to bring an ID with you to the polls. Georgia law requires it. This can be a Driver’s License, a Voter ID card, a passport, a military ID card or a tribal ID card.**

Georgia – House and Senate Races (Click here to find out if you live in any of these districts. Click here to read the original post and learn more information)

Voters will choose in runoffs in four legislative districts. This includes an Atlanta area Senate district (SD 35) and a House district (HD 58), a district in Harris County (HD 129) and in Baldwin County (HD 141). This last race, HD 141, is the one race where party may change from the last election. It was held by a Democrat, but the runoff is between an independent candidate and a Democrat. To read more about all these races, click here.

Georgia – Warner Robins Mayoral Runoff (Original Post)

The fascinating city of Warner Robins is in the midst of an intense mayoral runoff. Click here to learn more about the race.

Tennessee – Senate District 31 and House District 83 (Original Post)

In the tumultuous Tennessee legislature, two important races will be voted on on Tuesday. Both races are in East Memphis where Democrats are hoping to pick up a Senate seat and where candidates are running in a primary for the house seat. Republicans control the Senate 18-14 with this one vacancy. The House seat, which has the potential to switch control of power from the Republicans to Democrats, will have its general election in January. To learn about all the candidates in this race, click here.



  1. Virginia Republican Primary was won by conservative Steve Hunt with over 50% of the votes in a three way race!

    • Thank you for the update – I welcome you to tell me and all the readers more about Steve Hunt and his candidacy – and what he will be running on in the general election being held in early January.

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