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Election 2010 – Florida Senate Race

Election 2010 – Florida Senate Race – Republican Incumbent

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The election may be 9 months away, but this race has already garnered a ton of attention. At first, it seemed that current Republican Governor Charlie Crist would easily end up Florida’s newest senator. Popular with voters from both parties and seen as a steady leader in a highly diverse state, Crist built up a huge lead in polls and in fund-raising.

However, his conservative credentials started being questioned after supporting President Obama’s stimulus plan and President Bush’s bank bailout, and now he is facing a very serious challenge from the right-wing of his party in the form of the candidacy of Marco Rubio. The day before Thanksgiving, highly influential conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh expressed his dislike of Crist and many right-wing activists are looking to ensure a Rubio victory.

This primary battle will all occur before the final election pitting the Republican winner against a Democrat in this purple swing state.

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Governor Charlie Crist won a fierce battle to become governor in 2006 so he is no stranger to hard fought elections. Raised in the St. Petersburg area, Crist was a State Senator and Florida’s Attorney General before he was elected Governor. He is credited with both being a stalwart conservative on social issues and working hard to protect the Floridian environment. To learn more, click here.

Marco Rubio is also a well-known politician in the state. Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives from 2000-2008, Rubio is the son of Cuban parents and grew up in Miami. Now having returned to his private law practice, he has also been a visiting professor at Florida International University. He is running a campaign based in strict right-wing ideology. To learn more, click here.

Also joining him in the second tier of Republicans running are Bob Coggins, a Marine veteran and engineer, Linda Vasquez Littlefield, a Kissimmee attorney, Gwyn McClellan, an evangelist, Belinda Noah, formerly a law professor at Stetson University, Shawn Teeters, a Naples businessman, and Dr. Marion Thorpe.


Although the battle has not heated up as much in the Democratic party, a similar dynamic is also occurring here. One candidate, Kendrick Meek, was largely seen as the prohibitive favorite to win the nomination until, in this case, two strong candidates emerged to take him on. Meek, still favored by most pundits, is currently a US Representative, serving a Miami area district that is one of the most Democratic in the country. He started his career as a police officer and later served 7 years in the Florida legislature. To learn more, click here.

Another name specifically familiar to Miami residents is Maurice Ferré. Mayor of Florida’s largest city from 1973 to 1985, the septuagenarian Ferré, born in Puerto Rico, is attempting to return to Florida politics after a long career in consulting following his 6 terms as mayor. To learn more, click here.

Signifying just how important the Miami area is to the Democratic Party in Florida, the third major candidate also comes from this section of the state. Kevin Burns is Mayor of North Miami, a distinct city from its southern neighbor, and he is looking to make the move to Washington. Originally a small business owner and a real estate broker, he is currently in his second term as mayor. To read more, click here.

There are more candidates with much less name recognition, yet are hoping for a chance at the nomination. They include Tyrone Brown, a pastor in Daytona Beach, Chuck Lynch, and Lawrence Penpek, an Army veteran.



  1. Lovenguth said…
    The Florida Tea political Party is not re-inventing the wheel. It is not trying to make grand changes in America. It is however seeking a “back to basics” point of view in American politics.

    The Florida Tea political Party is the first step in returning to the check and balances called for in the American Constitution.

    TEA seeks a return to governance per the constitution instead of the current rule per corporation by laws.

    It’s a K.I.S.S. moment. TEA is here to help all Americans remain American. When folks can check their EGO at the door, we will move forward.

    Jorge Lovenguth

  2. Lovenguth speaks for Lovenguth – January 16, 2010

    I immersed myself into the Tea Party and found money hungry Republicans
    The Tea Party movement is an excellent idea, concept, a call for Americans to return to the Constitution which every elected official swears to defend and uphold. Information has begun to surface which presents the real possibility that the Tea Party is just a concept being used by professional bloggers, to distract.

    A below the surface search of the whois website registrations on indicates many third party persons hiding behind website addresses which are traceable to Republican strongholds. It appears the Tea Party movement does speak out and bring to attention much that is negative with the current two party political systems in America.

    The fact that here is much infighting as to who began this movement and who the leader is is now surfacing. What appears to be an attempt by certain bloggers to create an image of unity with political party type conventions, without any real efforts or support for a Tea Party candidate is showing itself.

    An illusion can only sustain itself for so long. It is a great concept however, yet in actuality, it is an attempt by the Republican Party to get American citizens to forget who has dismantled the American way of life in the last administration. They appear to be focusing on calling for the ouster of Republicans and Democrats no longer of political use and calling for the replacements to be more corporation financed Republicans; all in the name of the Tea Party.

    It seems to be working with the resigning of certain Republicans and Democrats who clearly were part of the last administrations selling off of America. This new movement uses words and images of old America yet they seek to get elected corporation financed Republicans. A true movement would support a candidate from the Tea Party but this isn’t the case.

    Perhaps one day when a number of states actually get the Tea political Party certified as a viable party who will actually endorse candidates who are not corporate financed, candidates who want to return to the system of check and balances, candidates who are for the citizens, then and only then will they be real.

    For now, they are nothing more than a Republican blogging distraction.
    If people would only get off the blogs and do some in-depth research they would see for themselves what is not there. There is no leadership, there is no real support, there is no unity, and there is no consensus on how to proceed. What there is however is a call to raise money to get Republicans elected in 2010.

    Same oh same oh with those folks.

    I call out to American Veterans to file to become candidates in your state Elections this year. You do not need anyone or any Party permissions. That too is a falsehood. Get involved people. Get involved.

    Jorge Lovenguth

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