Posted by: jamesvw | November 25, 2009

Election 2010 – Illinois Treasurer

Election 2010 – Illinois Treasurer – Democratic Incumbent


(D) Robin Kelly – 461,907 (58%)
Justin Oberman – 336,401 (42%)

Though Illinois has both a treasurer and a comptroller, whomever is elected the statewide accountant this November will have a difficult task in front of him or her. In the face of a heavy budget shortfall, there will be a lot of cuts necessary to make up for this.

Current Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias is running for the US Senate so there is an open race this year. Robin Kelly has been chosen by Democrats to attempt to succeed him. Republicans have lined up behind a single candidate, Dan Rutherford, who had no primary opponent.

Click here to find out candidates in your area of Illinois. Click here to find out more about voting in Illinois.

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Looking to succeed her boss is Robin Kelly. Currently the Chief of Staff to State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, Kelly is also a former State Representative from the southern suburbs of Chicago. Endorsed by much of the Democratic establishment, she is the one to beat in this race. To learn more about her campaign, click here.


Republicans have coalesced around the candidacy of Dan Rutherford, a State Senator and the 2006 nominee for Illinois Secretary of State. Representing a district surrounding Pontiac  since 2002, Rutherford also served in the State House of Representatives and had a long career in international business. To learn more, click here.


The Green Party has nominated Scott Summers, an attorney and lives in Harvard in north McHenry County. To learn more, click here.



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