Posted by: jamesvw | November 24, 2009

**Updated** December 8 – Endorsements in the Massachusetts Senate Race

Rundown of Endorsements in the Massachusetts Senate Race

**UPDATED – 11/29/09 – Two big endorsements came in at the end of the month. Alan Khazei, considered by many as far behind the front runners, was endorsed by the Boston Globe and Michael Capuano was endorsed by former Massachusetts Governor and Presidential Candidate Michael Dukakis. This is important because Dukakis has not endorsed in a Democratic Primary since leaving office.

Here is a list of endorsements so far in the US Senate Race in Massachusetts. Two candidates, Michael Capuano and Martha Coakley have received the most. Take from these lists what you will.

Click here to get your absentee ballot in this race. To find out where you vote on election day, click here

Once again, the candidates in the Democratic primary are Michael Capuano, Martha Coakley, Alan Khazei and Steve Pagliuca. Candidates in the Republican primary are Scott Brown and Jack Robinson.

Here is the original post on the race.



Michael Capuano

  • Six Massachusetts Members of Congress including Barney Frank and Stephen Lynch.
  • Diane Patrick, First Lady of Massachusetts and Kitty Dukakis, former First Lady of Massachusetts
  • Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives
  • 5 County Sheriffs
  • 9 State Senators and 42 State Reps
  • American Federation of Teachers, Massachusetts Teachers Association, Fire Chiefs Association
  • Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters, Progressive Democrats of America

Martha Coakley

  • Congresswoman Nikki Tsongas (5th District)
  • State Senate President Theresa Murray + 16 other State Senators, 74 State Reps
  • 1 County Sheriff
  • Emily’s List
  • Massachusetts Coalition of Police, Massachusetts Police Association
  • Massachusetts Nurses Association
  • Mass Equality, Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus
  • SEIU Massachusetts

Alan Khazei

  • New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg
  • Max Kennedy, nephew of late Senator Ted Kennedy
  • The Council for a Livable World
  • Theo Epstein, General Manager of the Boston Red Sox

Steve Pagliuca

  • Doris Kearns Goodwin, Author of Team of Rivals

That’s all I can find so far – got any more for the list?



  1. Wesley Clark and the Boston Globe have also endorsed Alan Khazei. The Herald went with Capuano. Also Capuano now has seven members of the Mass Congressional Delegation.

    Great site!

    • Thanks for the update – Got a guess who is going to win this thing?

      The Boston Phoenix went for Capuano as well, while my favorite, the Blue Mass Group editors, went for Khazei.

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