Posted by: jamesvw | November 23, 2009

Election Day – Governor of North Mariana Islands

Election Day – Governor of North Mariana Islands

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Well, we all sort of missed this race – but that was to be expected. The most forgotten about US Territory held its gubernatorial runoff today – and the election was almost done by the time most Americans woke up. The islands are a full 15 hours ahead of those of us on the East Coast.

As of this afternoon, the race is still too close to call. Incumbent Governor Benigno Fitial is leading his rival, Republican Heinz Hofschneider by 501 votes, but there are still many outstanding absentee ballots to be counted. This is a stark difference from the first round where Hofschneider led Fitial by 8 votes.

It looks like full results won’t be known until December 7, when all absentee ballots must be received by.

Benigno Fitial (Covenant Party) – 6313 (52.0%)
Heinz Hofschneider (Republican Party) – 5812 (48.0%)

To see live results, click here. To read an article about the election, click here.



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