Posted by: jamesvw | November 22, 2009

Massachusetts Senate Race – New Boston Globe Poll

Massachusetts Senate Race – Boston Globe Poll

The Boston Globe and the University of New Hampshire released a new poll of the US Senate Primary in Massachusetts today. The results are

Martha Coakley – 43%
Michael Capuano – 22%
Steve Pagliuca – 15%
Alan Khazei – 6%

This poll shows signs of hope for Capuano and trouble for both Pagliuca and Khazei, while Coakley continues as a strong front-runner. Capuano has increased his total since a Channel 7/Suffolk poll had him at 16% only a week ago. Pagliuca has spent the most money in the race and yet has not increased his traction significantly. Khazei has also failed to catch hold.

The other important note from this poll is the high amount of undecideds in the race.

Only 26% of voters have firmly decided who they will vote for, with another 24% are leaning to a candidate.

That means 50% have yet to decide. To see the full PDF of this poll, including approval ratings and cross tabs, click here.

Click here to get your absentee ballot in this race. To find out where you vote on election day, click here

Once again, the candidates in the Democratic primary are Michael Capuano, Martha Coakley, Alan Khazei and Steve Pagliuca. Candidates in the Republican primary are Scott Brown and Jack Robinson.

Here is the original post on the race. Don’t forget to vote in this site’s poll. And, if you feel comfortable, explain your vote in the comments.


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