Posted by: jamesvw | November 22, 2009

Election 2010 – Kentucky Senate Race

Election 2010 – Kentucky Senate Race – Republican Incumbent


Exciting as this race has already been, it is sure to only get more intense as the primaries come closer and turn absolutely brutal once each party chooses their nominee. Now that sitting Senator Jim Bunning has decided not to run for re-election, after getting into a vicious fight with party leadership who not-too-subtly nudged him from the race, each party has 2 major candidates that are fighting for their respective party’s nomination.

Click here to register to vote in Kentucky. Click here to find out more about voting in the state. To hold a registration drive in Kentucky, click here.

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The establishment favorite in the race to succeed Senator Bunning is Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson. Raised in north Kentucky, Grayson won his statewide position in 2003 at the age of 31 after a brief, but successful career in corporate law. To learn more about his campaign for Senate, click here.

Carrying a famous last name that implies his political ideology as well, Rand Paul, the son of Texas Congressman and 2008 Presidential candidate Ron Paul, is looking to bring his father’s brand of politics to the Senate seat in Kentucky. Professionally an ophthlamologist, Paul lives in Bowling Green where he also founded Kentucky Taxpayers United. To learn more, click here.

If there is any room to breathe in this primary, there are 4 other Republican candidates who hope that fighting between the two best known candidates allows them to snatch away victory. They include Bill Johnson, a former Navy officer and BP executive, Gurley Martin, a Birther activist, Brian Oerther, a public school teacher in Jefferson County, and Roger Thoney, an engineer and frequent candidate.


Six years ago, Dan Mongiardo, then a little known State Senator, almost pulled off the upset of the year, losing by .7% even while George W. Bush won the state with nearly 60% of the vote. Now Lieutenant Governor, Mongiardo, a surgeon before entering the political realm, hopes to win the seat outright. He has hit some potholes on the outset of the race, where he was caught on tape bad mouthing sitting governor Steve Beshear. To learn more, click here.

Jack Conway also has strong statewide name recognition, serving currently as the state’s Attorney General and he hopes to be the Democratic nominee for Senate this year. Often cited as a rising star in the Kentucky Democratic Party, Conway hopes that his brand of  “a new generation of leadership” will resonate with voters who have had little new blood in the Kentucky congressional political arena for a long time. To learn more, click here.

As with the Republican primary, there are other candidates hoping to make headway against the two more well known figures. So far, there are 3, Lillie Miller-Johnson, Fayette County Conservation District Supervisor, Darlene Price, an Army veteran and former Customs agent, and Maurice Sweeney, a farmer and former state employee of the  Kentucky Department of Transportation.


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