Posted by: jamesvw | November 20, 2009

Election 2010 – Illinois State Comptroller

Election 2010 – Illinois State Comptroller


(D) David Miller – 392,000 (46.7%)
Raja Krishnamoorthi – 383,672 (45.7%)
Clint Krislov – 63,859 (7.6%)

(R) Judy Barr Topinka – 428,038 (59%)
William Kelly – 156,883 (22%)
Jim Dodge – 138,357 (19%)

Longtime Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes ran and narrowly lost in the Democratic primary for governor. This means there is an open race for this seat. To briefly explain, the comptroller is different from treasurer (where there is also an open race in Illinois this year) in that the Comptroller holds the purse strings for the state. Comptrollers must oversee state accounts, ensuring fiscal honesty and responsibility. In his or her duty, the Comptroller actually signs off on every paycheck for state employees. Lastly and strangely, the Comptroller regulates cemeteries throughout the state. Essentially, the Comptroller is like a state-wide auditor.

Democrats nominated David Miller while Republicans selected Judy Barr Topinka. Libertarian Julie Fox and Green Erika Schaefer are also in the race.

Click here to find out candidates in your area of Illinois. Click here to find out more about voting in Illinois.

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State Representative David Miller is another young Illinois Democrat hoping to take on the duties of the much-misunderstood comptroller position. Hailing from Dolton, Miller is also a dentist and is currently serving his ninth term representing his south suburbs of Chicago district. To visit his website to learn more about his campaign, click here.


Most residents of Illinois will recognize the name of Judy Baar Topinka, who served as Illinois’ Treasurer from 1995 to 2007. She lost to Rod Blagojevich in 2006 when she was the Republican nominee for governor. That was the year that Republicans ceased to have any statewide elected officials in the state. Topinka hopes to return to Springfield as Comptroller and reverse this trend. To learn more about her campaign, click here.


Julie Fox is running as the Libertarian candidate and Erika Schaefer is the Green party’s candidate.


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