Posted by: jamesvw | November 20, 2009

December 22 – Recall Election for Mayor of Elyria, Ohio

Dec. 22 – Recall Election for Mayor of Elyria, Ohio

Count this as one of the strangest upcoming elections.

In Elyria, a city of 56,000 people in the far north of the state, Mayor Bill Grace faces an attempt to remove him from office. He is not being investigated for any crime, nor has he been accused of impropriety – the standard reasons for recall attempts – but nonetheless, over 2,500 citizens of the city signed a petition to have him removed from office.

To receive a mail-in ballot for this race, click here.

Supporters of the recall, including Craig Bevan, an Elyria firefighter who spearheaded the effort, say that Mayor Grace has not fulfilled his fiscal responsibilities in this time of recession. Central to the criticisms are the city’s cuts in services, closing of a fire station, and the laying off of 50 employees.

Critics of the recall election argue that holding such an election is a waste of money and energy. Mayor Grace is in his third term, last elected in 2007, and will be up for re-election in 2011. However, for his opponents, this is too far into the future and they want to remove him from office now.

To read a news story about this recall election, click here. To see Mayor Bill Grace‘s website, click here.



  1. Disgruntled, overpaid firefighters and there family’s – with there allies, the few Republicans in town, are attempting to over turn the people of Elyria’s choice of Mayor!

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