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Election 2010 – Illinois Lieutenant Governor

Illinois Lieutenant Governor Race 2010


Since Pat Quinn became governor earlier this year after his predecessor, Rod Blagojevich, resigned in disgrace, the Lieutenant Governor position has been vacant. The primary for this seat is heated. Democrats and Republicans each have 6 candidates running for the position. Find out more about the candidates down below.

In the primary, these candidates run by themselves, but after a nominee is chosen from each party, they run on a ticket with the winners of the gubernatorial primary.

Click here to find out candidates in your area of Illinois. Click here to find out more about voting in Illinois.

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Two State Senators and two State Representative are hoping to move into the Illinois Executive branch. The highest ranking member of the three, Assistant Majority Leader Rickey Hendon, is a late entry into the race after debating whether to run for Congress. As senator of the 5th district in Chicago, Hendon is a well-known figure for both his politicking, for a stint as a movie producer as well as for some controversies since he took office in 1993. He has yet to post a website, but his official senate website is here.

State Senate Majority Whip Terry Link has high hopes of winning this primary. Representing a district that spans most of eastern Lake County, the most north-east county in the state, Link has risen through the ranks in Springfield since first being elected in 1996. He is credited with increasing Democratic influence in the area north of Chicago, which has traditionally voted Republican  To learn more, click here.

Deputy Majority Leader of the Illinois House of Representatives Arthur Turner is another Chicago native looking to become the next Lieutenant Governor. Serving since 1981, Turner is known as a champion for affordable housing legislation and has worked tirelessly in his Lawndale neighborhood and around the state to provide such housing. To learn more, click here.

Representative Mike Boland hopes that his base in north-west Illinois as well as his recent acclaim in helping stem the use of favoritism in the University of Illinois admissions system will give him the victory in this race. Currently representing Rock Island, Carroll, Whiteside and Henry counties, Boland was a public school teacher and is now serving in his seventh term. To learn more about his campaign, click here.

2010 may end up being a good year for outsider candidates and Thomas Castillo is banking on this. Currently living in Elmhurst, Castillo is an electrical engineer and has been active in his union, IBEW Local #134. To learn more about his candidacy, click here.

Activist and businessman Scott Lee Cohen is also looking to take up the mantle of an outside cleaning up Springfield. Running an eco-friendly cleaning company, the most recent in a line of successful small businesses, Cohen was organized in favor of Governor Rod Blagojevich’s ouster. To learn more about Cohen’s campaign, click here.


Republicans also have one of their own legislators in the race for Lieutenant Governor. As chronicled in the governor’s race writeup , Matt Murphy is running for this position while teaming up with Andy McKenna, a candidate for governor. However, it is possible that one will win the primary and end up running with another Republican on the same ticket. Murphy represents the northwest suburbs of Chicago. To learn more, click here.

The mayor of Carbondale, Brad Cole, has already built a solid campaign in this race. The city he represents has a population of 45,000 people and is home to Southern Illinois University. Cole is hoping to rely on this southern base while making inroads with voters to the north.  He has previous experience in Springfield, having served as Deputy Chief of Staff to Governor George H. Ryan. To learn more, click here.

Young and potentially a rising star in the Illinois Republican Party, Jason Plummer is currently a VP for a large lumber company in the state. A graduate of University of Illinois-UC, he worked in Washington for Senator Peter Fitzgerald and the Heritage Foundation before returning to his home state. Plummer is also a reserve office in the Navy. To learn more, click here.

Another candidate outside of the usual political circles is Don Tracy. He will not have to move far if he wins this race, working as an attorney with the largest firm in Springfield and, incidentally, the firm that Abraham Lincoln did over 150 years ago. To learn more about Tracy’s campaign, click here.

Dennis Cook is also involved in a young Republican movement and he hopes to energize these voters in his quest for the nomination. Currently the School Board President for the 230 Consolidated District around Orland Park, Cook is also the State Chairman for the Federation of Illinois Young Republicans. To learn more, click here.

As a chaplain, Randy White will look to bring a religious overtone to his campaign and, he hopes, to Springfield. Having served as chaplain to the State Police, among other organizations, White also serves on the Hancock County Board. To learn more, click here.


The Green Party is nominating Don Powers while the Libertarian Party is supporting Ed Rutledge. As of yet, neither have a website.



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