Posted by: jamesvw | November 17, 2009

December 8 – Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama

Dec. 8 – Special Election for Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama

Click here for the 2011 Mayoral Election

After the conviction of Mayor Larry Langford on a stunning 60 counts for various acts of corruption, the city of Birmingham, Alabama’s largest city, will host a special election.  Whomever is elected will be faced with the remnants of the corrupt previous administration, staggering budget shortfalls and a city where the poverty rate is tragically high.

This daunting task has not led to a shortage of candidates however. 14 people have announced they are running for the seat.

To request an absentee ballot for this race, click here. In a race this sudden and with this many candidates, every vote counts! The race will be decided by a handful of voters. Links for the candidates have been provided if they could be found.

Some of those running have a deep background in local politics. This includes interim mayor and former City Council President Carole Smitherman, Councilman Steven Hoyt and Jefferson County Commissioner William Bell.

Another name that will be familiar to Birmingham residents is attorney Patrick Cooperwho finished second to the now-disgraced Langford in 2007.  Also running is Greater Birmingham Ministries Executive Director Scott Douglas, attorney Emory Anthony, Dr. Stephanie Sigler Huey, a frequent candidate who ran in 2003, Edith Mayomi, an employee at Jefferson State Community College, Ernie Dunn, Jimmy Snow, William Sumners, T.C. Cannon, and Harry Turner, an evangelist and entertainer.

Another strange twist to this race is the candidacy of Jody Trautwein, former head of the Alabama Coalition Against Same-Sex Marriage and more recognizably, a unwitting star of the recent movie Bruno.

Yes, there is a lot of them. To read more about this race, I encourage you to check out the excellent blog Wade On Birmingham as well as continued coverage in the local press.

For local residents, three forums will be held in the next few weeks to learn more about the candidates and their stances on issues.



  1. Thanks for the shout out. You wrote a great summary of the candidates (so far).

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