Posted by: jamesvw | November 14, 2009

November 24 – Breaking the Tie Vote in 4 towns in Connecticut

Nov. 24 – Four Tied Elections in Connecticut head to new vote

Incredibly, four elections ended in ties in Connecticut on November 3. This is a reminder how important voting in local elections can be.

Any one citizen of these towns could have decided the race.cnt_connecticut_009p

In Avon, a suburb of Hartford, with 17,000 people, Republican William R. Hooper II and Democrat David Pena, running for town council both received 2,455 votes.

In the Board of Education election in Barkhamsted, a small town of 4,000 in Litchfield County, Dawn Bobinski, a Democrat, and Dawn Anstett, a Republican, both received 410 votes, requiring a new election.

In Haddam, a town of over 7,000 people in Middlesex County, Republican Chester Harris and Democrat Sabrina Houlton each received 1,076 votes for the Board of Education and will face each other in a tie breaker.

In Ridgefield, with over 23,000 residents in Fairfield County, Democrat Irene Burgess and Republican Keith Miller face each other in a tie-breaker vote for Board of Education after each receiving 2,352 votes on Election Day.



  1. i had a tie vote in my mayor election here in kent ohio. we tied at 2052! We decided by a coin toss (state law). I lost. 😦

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