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Election 2010 – Governor of Illinois

Illinois Gubernatorial Race 2010


(D) Pat Quinn – 460,391 (50.39)
Dan Hynes – 452,304 (49.61)

(R) Bill Brady – 155,327 (20.3%)
Kirk Dillard – 154,907 (20.2%)
Andy McKenna – 147,599 (19.3%)
Jim Ryan – 130,400 (17.0%)
Adam Andrzejewski – 110,735 (14.5%)
Dan Proft – 58,881 (8.4%)
Bob Schillerstrom (dropped out) 7,349 (1.4%)

Click here to find out candidates in your area of Illinois.

Click here to find out more about voting in Illinois.

And visit Election 2010 and Voting, State by State to read other posts about elections in Illinois and elsewhere.

Being elected Governor of Illinois is an ominous task. 6 governors have been charged with crimes during or after their tenure in office and the governor elected in 2006, Rod Blagojevich, resigned in dishonor and his legacy continues to overshadow this exciting race.illinois_plate


Incumbent Governor Pat Quinn held on by the skin of his teeth in his primary with Dan Hynes, winning by .8%. Now he has another looming fight over the next seven months against the Republican nominee. One of the first politicians to call for Blagojevich‘s resignation, Quinn has established himself as a somewhat low-key governor focusing on job creation and economic growth. To learn more about Governor Quinn, visit his website here.

Quinn’s running mate may change. Scott Lee Cohen was nominated for Lieutenant Governor but the wealthy yet unvetted candidate has had some stunning skeletons come out of his closet since his shocking victory in the primary. Quinn has already asked for him to step aside.


2006 candidate and State Senator Bill Brady used his state-wide infrastructure from four years ago to win the nomination by the slimmest of margins. Other candidates split the Chicago area vote and Brady racked up large totals downstate, part of which he represents in the Senate. Living in Bloomington, Brady has served in the Senate since 2002 and also was a State Representative for four terms before that. To learn more, visit his website.

Brady will be running alongside surprising Lieutenant Governor nominee Jason Plummer.

Young and potentially a rising star in the Illinois Republican Party, Jason Plummer is currently a VP for a large lumber company in the state. A graduate of University of Illinois-UC, he worked in Washington for Senator Peter Fitzgerald and the Heritage Foundation before returning to his home state. Plummer is also a reserve office in the Navy. To learn more, click here.


Three other parties have candidates on the ballot and one independent candidate will run. The Green Party is backing Rich Whitney, an attorney, the Constitution Party is supporting Randy Stufflebeam, the state party chairman and Lex Green is the choice of the Libertarians. Michael White is running as an independent. Click on each person’s name to visit their website (if one is public)



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  3. Adam Andrzejewski- NOT Andrew Andrzejewski as mentioned

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