Q+A with Matthew Woodmancy, Democrat for Illinois’ 18th District

Our newest Q+A is with another political newcomer, a young hopeful named Matthew Woodmancy running in the sprawling rural 18th district of Illinois. A restaurant assistant manager, he grew up in Perkin and at only 27 years old, hopes to be one of the youngest members of Congress.

To visit his website, click here

The 18th district hooks from the middle of the state along the Missouri (and, for a bit, Iowa) border and curves inward, containing many of the suburbs of Bloomington, Springfield and Peoria. To see a map, click here

The current incumbent is Aaron Schock and the Democratic primary opponent is Steve Waterworth, who was the nominee in 2004 and 2006.

And with that intro, here is the Q+A with Mr. Woodmancy.

1. Why do you want to be the representative of the 18th District of Illinois?

I have lived in Central Illinois and have personally witnessed the inequities of the Republican practices where corporations are given precedence over people. Aaron Schock’s current practice of giving lip service to the district while supporting tax breaks for Caterpillar, State Farm, and other corporations at the expense of the citizens and worker of our district is unacceptable. We need a congressman who will work with citizens to create sustainable jobs and opportunities for advancement in education, participation in the community, and a return to citizen government.

2. The corporate headquarters of State Farm Insurance is in Bloomington, part of which is in the 18th district. What is the role of government in relation to the insurance industry?

State Farm is a successful business that provides jobs and services the community needs. The role of government should be to provide reasonable regulation to the industry to insure a meltdown in the economy does not reoccur. Government should also guide fair labor practices for the employees of all such companies, and support fair negotiations between labor and management.

3. The district is sprawling and largely rural in the center of Illinois. What needs to be done to stimulate economic growth in rural areas such as those in the district?

As President Obama said in the State of the Union Message, our goal should be to attract manufacturing back to the United States by working in conjunction with our local governments, institutions of education, and other entities to attract these manufacturers to the area. By providing reasonable and fair incentives, and supplying a work force capable of meeting the needs of these manufacturers, the district will develop opportunities to grow.

4. You currently work as an assistant restaurant manager. What has the food service industry taught you that you will bring with you to Washington?

Working for Jim has taught me tolerance, patience, and a commitment to excellence in every product we produce. The key to success is doing the right thing and doing it better and better every time. Most of all, the key to success in any business is customer satisfaction, and that includes government. When in office, I intend to remember my customers and make sure their needs are met.

5. You cite Bill Clinton’s autobiography as one of your favorite books. Why did you find it inspiring?

I found it to be a testament to President Clinton’s persistence. He continued to make mistakes, and accepted the blame for his mistakes instead of trying to find a scapegoat. His willingness to accept his own flaws and move forward is a testament to the American Spirit

6. The city of Carthage in the west of the district is famous for being the site of the murder of Joseph Smith, one of the founders of the Mormon religion. What should be done to promote religious tolerance and understanding in an increasingly diverse America?

In the city of Nauvoo, Illinois stands a temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, along with an entire community dedicated not to the shameful act of Joseph Smith’s assassination, but to the education of people about the hardships encountered by their ancestors and their faith. Tolerance and understanding cannot be legislated, but ethical conduct in our society can be. I am against any form of discrimination in this nation, be it against religion, race, ethnic background, sex, or gender identification. We must take a stand that says we will not tolerate discrimination in any form.

7. You graduated from Normal Community High School. How should the federal government change the public school system?

The education system in the United States is in need of a national standard that allows our educators to prepare our students to meet the needs of the present and the future. We must work with the educators to establish a system that not only addresses the needs of every individual student, but also accepts and cherishes the contributions of every group. Most of all, we need to teach acceptance and unity to every student in our country. We can no longer afford the luxury of petty divisions that separate us as hyphenated Americans, but recognize that this nation will never be whole until we are all Americans first, and that only by working together will we return this nation to the glory and prominence it has held in the past.

8. The first state institution caring for patients with mental disabilities was opened in Jacksonville, in the south of the district. What sort of programs should be increased to bring additional help to handicapped Americans?

We must deal with the needs of Americans with Disabilities as an extension of the growing health needs of this nation. For the many Americans who face the challenges of Mental and Emotional conditions, we must turn to the professionals in these areas, listen to their advise, and provide the care needed to help them reintegrate into society. Community support and local government programs will be needed to assist these individuals, and we should be willing as a community to help our brothers and sisters in their time of need. A national health care program is needed to assist the local governments in achieving these goals.

9. What was the last movie you saw in the theater? What was the last book you read?

I went with a friend to see “The Ides of March”, but ended up watching “Paranormal Activity 3”, so I purchased a copy of “The Ides of March” when it became available and greatly enjoyed it. The last book I read was “An Unfinished Life : John F. Kennedy” by Robert D. Falleck.

10. Name three people, historical or contemporary, who have inspired your political values and beliefs.

Abraham Lincoln, for his guidance of this nation during it’s greatest crisis, President Barrack Obama, for his persistence in the face of constant opposition and his unswerving faith in the goodness of the American people, and my grandfather, who’s example of hard work and dedication to family taught me that persistence is the path to accomplishment.


Q+A with Richard Grabowski, Republican for Congress in Illinois’ 3rd District

Our second Q+A in the great state of Illinois is with a candidate running in the Southland of the Chicago metropolitan area. A political newcomer, Richard Grabowski works as a materials supervisor for a local company.

To visit his website, click here

The new District 3 contains Chicago’s Midway airport in the north and angles diagonally downwards to contain Burbank, Orland Park, Lockport and Romeoville. To view the map, click here

The current incumbent for this seat is Democrat Dan Lipinski, the scion of Bill Lipinski who held the seat for 22 years before passing it on to his son. Running in the Democratic primary is Farah Baqai, a police officer. Also running in the Republican primary are Jim Falvey and Art Jones.

Now onto the Q+A with Richard Grabowski:

1)      Why do you want to be the representative for the 3rd district of Illinois?

I’m an ordinary citizen who cares deeply about the uncertain economic and social path that Democrats running our state and federal government have chosen to lead us down.  I’m stepping up to the plate – for our state, our southland communities and our 3rd congressional district, at a time when we are in dire need of good, uncorrupted leadership here at home in Illinois, and in Washington DC.

I have not held a political office, an appointed position, or a pensioned government job.  I’m not from the ‘politically connected’ class.  I’m from the real world working class.  I’m a Materials Supervisor at a manufacturing company in the near western suburbs, a real private sector business, adding to the economy, creating mutually beneficial jobs for people to work, when the economy is doing well.  An ordinary person best represents the interests of ordinary people, and I’m one of US

2)      You are a materials supervisor for a company in the district and are therefore intimately involved in the running of a business. How would you change federal laws regarding businesses such as the one you work for?

Loosen the EPA’s stranglehold on manufacturing growth, reduce regulations on private sector businesses, Illinois needs to lower it’s business tax rates.  Make Illinois a business friendly state again by strengthening and solidifying the CONDITIONS for economic growth, bringing real businesses and real jobs back to Illinois for good.

3)      You attended Moraine Valley Community College. What changes should be made to the community college system in this country?

MVCC is a good and growing community college in the Illinois state community college system.  It services the southwest suburban communities.  Most everyone knows someone who has attended MVCC.  But, removing the political aspects of teaching and job political sponsorship for so many who have been employed through connections would help to make their employment system fairer for everyone.

4)      You are the father of four sons. What lessons do you hope to instill in them by working in Congress?

Honesty, integrity, a hard work ethic, be willing to make tough choices necessary to maintain your freedoms, your traditional American way of life, protect your freedoms and rights from being stomped on, what national sovereignty and state’s rights mean.

5)      If you could recommend that all voters in your district read one book before they make their choices this November, what would you recommend? Why?

Liberty & Tyranny – – by Mark Levin.  It’s a great book.  He has new one out now, Ameritopia.  Hope to check it out soon!

6)      The Southland region that comprises much of the 3rd district was once a hub for steel mills and industry. What needs to be done in this country to grow its manufacturing sector again?

Reduce regulations on private sector businesses, Illinois needs to lower it’s business tax rates, Governor Pat Quinn needs to have less emphasis on unionization and more inclusion of the rest of the 90%, the  non-union workforces that make up so much of our manufacturing and transportation sector.  Make Illinois a business friendly state again by strengthening and solidifying the CONDITIONS for economic growth, bringing real businesses and real jobs back to Illinois for good.

7)      The area also used to be a hub for railroads crossing the country. What do you feel is the role of rail, for both freight and public transportation, in this current economy?

Extremely important.  Metra service is important for many commuters in the southwest suburbs.  Two lines run through the district.  Rail yards dot the map across the south and southwest suburbs.  Many truckloads are placed on intermodal rail to save costs, equipment wear and tear, travel time.  The southwest suburbs are a crossroads for many intersecting expressways, effectively moving freight and people across the country quickly.

8)      The district encompasses Chicago Midway Airport. When visitors to the district land there, name three places in the district that they should absolutely visit.

US Cellular Field – the Chicago White Sox!

Route 66

Cog Hill, or any of the other fine golf courses in the southwest suburbs.

9)      A new immigrant detention center has been proposed in Crete, south of the 3rd district, and has sparked a great deal of debate. What are your thoughts on the current immigration system?

It’s time to start enforcing and toughening our existing immigration laws currently on the books.  Forget the detention center, spending more money on illegal immigrants should not be an option.  Deportation is the rule of law, not 3 square meals a day and a cot.  Amnesty shouldn’t be an option either.  What does that do for legal citizens who immigrated here THE RIGHT WAY?  LEGALLY?  It tells them that our laws don’t matter then. 

10)  It is hard not to ask a Chicago-area candidate – White Sox or Cubs? And, without a local team in the hunt, who were  you rooting for in the Super Bowl – the Patriots or the Giants?

It’s a south-side thing, sorry Cub fans, I’m a White Sox fan! 

With the Bears being out of the picture, I’m not really following football much this season.  If I had to choose, it’d probably have to be the Patriots.

Q+A with Jim Hickey, Democrat for Congress in Illinois’ 11th District

I am excited to present the first Q+A of 2011 – with congressional candidate Jim Hickey. Jim is the President of the Orland Fire Protection District and a local businessman. This is his first run for Congress.

To visit his website – click here.

District 11 is strangely shaped to encompass two of the fastest growing cities in America, Aurora and Joliet. It is currently represented by Republican Judy Biggert, though some of the territory is new to her after the map redraw. Also running in the election are two Republicans, Jack Cunningham and Diane Harris. Other Democrats include former Congressman Bill Foster, and Juan Thomas.

To see the new Congressional maps of Illinois, including the 11th district, click here

Without further introduction, here is the Q+A with Mr. Hickey:

1)      Why do you want to be the representative for Illinois’ 11th District?

We need to have a common working class man to represent us in Congress. Someone that understands firsthand the hardships that Americans are facing today, not these Elitist, Multi-millionaire politicians that are out of touch with the realities of today.

2)      You currently serve as president of the Orland Fire Protection District. How has this job prepared you for work in Congress?

The Fire District, has prepared me, by teaching me to examine the budget line by line, learn how to compromise with each side to get motions approved, the importance of transparency, allowing citizens to see how every dollar is spent.

3)      Due to a strange gerrymander, the 11th district forms no shape that would be acceptably taught in geometry class. Nonetheless, if a family was to take a road trip within its borders, name 3 places that they should not miss.

My family and I have driven the entire district many times. I really like the I-Max Theater in Woodridge, the Paramount in Aurora, and the Pumpkin Patch & Raceway in Joliet.

4)      You are currently finishing up work for a Masters in Business Administration at DePaul. What changes would you like to see made to the higher education system in the United States?

I have proposals on reforming student loans with a 50-year term and the interest rate is linked to the US Treasury, currently 2%.  This will make a college education affordable for all Americans. Example at $40,000 loan would be $105 a month with my proposal compared to the current $547 a month.

5)      I counted 15 golf courses in the spacious district and I am sure I missed some. What’s your handicap? Or if golf isn’t your game, what is?

I love playing golf, I do not get to play as much as I like. I started playing back in 2nd grade when I was a youth member at my local park.  Now my son Daniel is now the golf pro in our family. He is very good, and I love playing against him, he is very competitive.

6)      You note that many family members, including your wife who works as a special needs teacher, have belonged to unions. What do you feel is the role of the labor movement in today’s economy?

Labor Unions help the middle class get fair wages for skilled services.  Labor Unions are around to ensure that the work is done properly, within code, and done in the most cost effective manner.  These skilled workers specialize in current skills.  We need Unions.

7)      You are a licensed realtor and mortgage originator. In your capacity as Congressman and with your background knowledge, will you seek any alterations to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae?

Yes, I want to reform the FHA Guidelines, I have many proposals on fixing the housing market by helping those underwater, helping those in foreclosure, and those trying to modify their current loans.  This will save every homeowner approximately $350 a month on a $200,000 loan.

8)      Aurora and Joliet are the two largest cities in the district. They both are also some of the fastest growing cities in the country. How will you continue to stimulate growth in these urban centers?

I want to bring manufacturing back to America. I also want to increase cash-flows to the middle class through fixing the housing market, student loan reform, and lowering gas prices.  I also want to rebuild our infrastructure and modernize our schools which will create jobs!

9)      Aurora is also the setting of Wayne’s World. If you had your own music show, what would you typically play for listeners?

I lived near the other setting of Wayne’s world on 63rd street near the Big Indian Statue. I like all types of music, and many times I begin to like the music of my children.  It is amazing how many songs are reproduced for new generations.

10)  The Chicagoland Speedway is in Joliet. Do you have a driver you root for on race day?

I do not, but my wife and kids do enjoy watching races.  I remember when I was in High School working at the auto parts store, I wanted to be a race car driver. I never did, but I have a cousin and many friends that race.


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Return of the Campaign Interviews

Return of the Campaign Interviews

In 2010, we posted a series of interviews with various candidates – some for local office and some statewide. This year, time permitting, I would like to take up this mantle again. As before, they will be a 10 question interview, ranging from policy issues important to the race to some more personal explorations with the candidates. I am not interested in tripping up candidates, but I do expect honesty and will not ask leading questions designed to offer support.

If you have any races you particularly care about, let me know so I can contact the candidates specifically. If you are a candidate or represent one, let me know and I am happy to compose and email you a Q+A. I hope this works again this year and I look forward to responses.

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February 7 – Georgia House Districts 60 and 107

February 7 – Georgia House Districts 60 and 107

Currently, Republicans hold a large majority in the State House of Georgia, 112-65 with 1 independent and two vacancies. Each party has had a member leave the chamber recently.

In House District 60, Democrat Gloria Tinubu resigned from her Atlanta area seat to – get this – run for Congress in South Carolina!  Democrats do not have to worry about losing this seat however as no other party filed candidates for the seat. Running to replace the moving representative are Theresa Middlebrooks, Latrenka Riley, and Keisha Waites, a frequent candidate making her 9th run for office.

In House District 107, Republican Len Walker resigned to become Chaplain at the Big Canoe Chapel. This northern district, based around Loganville and comprised of Gwinnett and Walton counties is a strongly Republican district and so here too the party does not have much to worry about in holding the seat. 4 candidates have filed to run, 3 Republicans – Mark Banks, a former Walton County School board member, Tom Kirby, a human resource safety manager making his third run for office and Paul Smith, a minister involved in the parochial school movement and one unaffiliated candidate, Michael Lynch, an Army reserve combat medic.

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January 31 – Oregon’s 1st Congressional District

January 31 – Oregon’s 1st Congressional District

The first federal election of 2012 and Democrats are not taking any chances about holding onto this northern Oregon seat. Held since 1999 by David Wu, the Democratic Congressman resigned last year after increasingly erratic behavior finally culminated in accusations of sexual misconduct towards a teenager.

The district touches the state’s largest city of Portland and the district lines meander up the coast to the Washington border, encompassing Hillsboro and Aloha.

This has been a Democratic seat since the mid 1970s but after a surprise loss in New York City late last year, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has put a lot of money into this race to hold it for the party. Their standard bearer is Suzanne Bonamici, a State Senator from Portland.

In 2010, Republican Rob Cornilles held the incumbent to his lowest winning margin in a decade and is back hoping to win the open seat. A resident of Tualatin, he is a businessman who started a sports marketing firm in the area.

While the particulars of each state’s election will be posted here at All Politics is Local

having the overall picture of Delegate counts will have this page.

The list of Primaries and Caucuses is from thegreenpapers.com.  List of endorsements by elected officials is at http://innovation.cq.com/pub/table/index.php?id=69&ref=rc



February 11, 2012 update

For several election days no actual delegates to the convention have been at stake.  Feb. 11, 2011 with Maine is the same.

Not only no delegates but three areas will not have any vote in the caucus for several more weeks.

February 7, 2011 Update

Non binding but elections! Minnesota, Missouri, Colorado.  It is nice to see elections but these have no influence in the selection of delegates to the convention.  I’m like them because we get to cover an election.  woohoo!

9.85106383 0.079 0.008 0.028 0.005
2012 Presidential   Primary R 1145/2286 D 2778/5555
Dels decided to date 138 282 Rom Paul Ging Sant
by candidate 162 91 9 32 6
Guam Republicans 0
Northern   Mariana Republicans 0
superdels 23 18 1 3 1
Tuesday, January 3:
Iowa   caucuses (D and R decided 3, 12April/13June)
Tuesday, January 10:
New Hampshire 12 12 28 7 3 0 2
Saturday, January 21:
South Carolina Republican   primary 25 0 2 0 23 0
Nevada Dem (non-binding   caucus) 0 36
Saturday, January 28:
South Carolina Democratic   primary 0 56 uncontested
Tuesday, January 31:
Florida 50 50 0 0 0
Saturday, February 4: 0
(through Feb 11) Maine R caucuses 0 0 non binding
Nevada Republican caucuses 28 0 14 5 6 3
Tuesday, February 7:
Colorado Republican caucuses 0 0
Minnesota Republican caucuses 0 0
Missouri (D primary, R non-binding) 0
Nevada Democratic caucuses 1   of 3 0
Tuesday, February 28:
Arizona Republican primary 0 0
Michigan 0
Saturday, March 3:
Washington Republican   caucuses 0 0
Tuesday,   March 6 (Super Tuesday):
Alaska R district conventions 0 0
Colorado Democratic caucuses 0
Georgia 0
Idaho Republican caucuses 0 0
Massachusetts 0
Minnesota D caucuses 0
North Dakota R caucuses 0 0
Ohio 0
Oklahoma 0
Tennessee 0
Vermont 0
Virginia 0
Virgin Islands caucuses 0
(through Mar 10) Wyoming R caucuses 0 0
Wednesday, March 7: 0
Hawaii Democratic caucuses 0
Saturday, March 10: 0
Kansas Republican caucuses 0 0
Sunday, March 11: 0
Maine Democratic caucuses 0
Tuesday, March 13: 0
Alabama 0
American Samoa R caucuses 0 0
Hawaii Republican caucuses 0 0
Mississippi 0
Utah Democratic caucuses 0
Saturday, March 17: 0
Missouri Republican caucuses 0 0
Sunday, March 18: 0
Puerto Rico Republican   caucuses 0 0
Tuesday, March 20: 0
Illinois 0
Saturday, March 24: 0
Louisiana 0
Tuesday, April 3: 0
Maryland 0
Texas 0
Washington, DC 0
Wisconsin 0
Saturday, April 14: 0
Idaho Democratic caucuses 0
Kansas Democratic   caucuses 0
Nebraska Democratic caucuses 0
Wyoming Democratic caucuses 0
Nevada Democratic 2 of 3   steps 0
Sunday, April 15: 0
Alaska Democratic caucuses 0
(through   May 5) Florida D   caucuses 0
Washington Democratic   caucuses 0
Tuesday, April 24: 0
Connecticut 0
Delaware 0
New York 0
Pennsylvania 0
Rhode Island 0
Saturday, May 5: 0
Michigan Democratic caucuses 0
Tuesday, May 8: 0
Indiana 0
North Carolina 0
West Virginia 0
Tuesday, May 15: 0
Nebraska 0
Oregon 0
Tuesday, May 22: 0
Arkansas 0
Kentucky 0
Tuesday, June 5: 0
California 0
Montana 0
New Jersey 0
New Mexico 0
North Dakota D caucuses 0
South Dakota 0
9-Jun 0
Nevada Democratic Caucus 3rd   of 3 0
Tuesday, June 26: 0
Utah (Republicans only) 0 0


Romney   30,015 (24.6%) (w)

Santorum 30,007 (24.5%)

Paul         26,219 (21.4%)

Gingrich   16,251 (13.3%)

Perry       12,604 (10.3%)

Bachmann  6,073 ( 5.0%)

John Huntsman 745 (0.6%)

Buddy Roemer 31 (>.01%)

No preference  135 (0.1%)

Iowa and the big 8!

Only 8 votes after 100% of the Republican Caucuses have been counted made difference.

Romney is focussed on Obama and a win. Santorum is feeling the momentum.  Paul is hopeful but did not get the big win his highly touted organization was said to be able to deliever. Gingrich was mad and ready ot bolt to South Carolina via New Hampshire.  Perry has annoucned he is going back to Texas to figure out what’s next for him. Bachmann is looking to get to South Carolina, quickly.  Huntman was not in Iowa to campaign.  Roemer noted that he did not do so well. No comments were made for No preference.  appoximately 123,000 of the 650,000 Repubilcans in Iowa came out for the caucuses.

Obama won the Democratic Caucuses.  Results when available will be posted!


News sources are noting how the race is tightening which is very common as an election comes near. People who are not politicophiles start paying attention, another group starts deciding who they want (though about 17% will make a decision between 48 hours and the time they walk into their voting place), some will actually start talking about who they want, etc. In other words, no big whoop.

One analysis of the 48 hours before this caucus is Nate Silver’s take on things here.

This is a classic marathon not a sprint. I don’t just say that to include a cliché. In this case it is literal that the caucus held on January 3 will only be a start in a larger process. The precinct (you could say neighborhood) level delegates picked on Jan 3 will get together in around six or so weeks and select county delegates. The county delegates will get together about four weeks later and choose district delegates. In turn the district delegates get together about four or so weeks after that and pick the state delegates who will attend the Republican National Convention.
Looking back, in 2008 Huckabee took Iowa decisively.
Of the 99 counties, Romney took 24, and Paul took 1. All the rest went to Huck. A little bit surprising, considering the much touted Paul machine, is that although he was among the three to win a least one county he was not the third choice in many of the other counties and came in fifth overall. A solid number of Iowa counties had Thompson a top three finisher (11 seconds and 49 thirds)

2008 county results of Republican Caucus (i.e. Huckabee was 1st place in 74 counties, 2nd place in 24 counties, and 3rd place in 1 county)

74 24 1 24 53 20 1 4 12 0 11 49 0 7 17
huckabee romney paul thompson mccain

2008 results
Candidate Vote %
Mike Huckabee  40,841  (34.4%)
Mitt Romney       29,949 (25.2%)
Fred Thompson  15,904 (13.4%)
John McCain       15,559 (13.1%)
Ron Paul               11,817 (10.0%)
Rudolph Giuliani 4,097  (3.5%)
Duncan Hunter       524  (0.4%)
Tom Tancredo              5 (0.0%)




GA State Representative, District 68

99% of precincts reporting; 2,272 ballots cast

Hightower (R)  1,259 (55.4%)

Martinez (R)  1,013 (44.6%)

Georgia House District 68 – runoff

Dustin “Dusty” Hightower

Alan Martinez

The two Republicans are in a runoff as no one had greater than 50% in the December 6 polling.

The following precincts will be open on Election Day 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM:

Bethany, Bonner, Center Point, Clem, EMC, Fairfield, Hulett, Oak Grove, Sandhill, Temple City, Temple County, Villa Rica City, Villa Rica North, Villa Rica South, W. Carrollton, Whitesburg

Split precincts voters should refer to their precinct card or go to http://www.sos.ga.gov/mvpto determine if they are eligible to vote in House 68.

Not every election on this Tuesday is a recall but check out how many are! elections in parts of OR KY NE NH IA MO

Recall-apalooza USA Continues!

Another week but not just another week of elections.  Multiple recall elections are piling up so high in our office that we jumped into the All Politics Is Local office escape pod but the recall elections bloacked the doors from closing and we had to dig our way out.  Not really, but it is pretty wild the number of recalls that are going on.  It is only fair to mention that not all the elections are recalls.



Frankly I would like to have a bit more detail in the complaint and the justification.  But the voters there did sign the petition and now the voters will decide.

Get ready to rumble 7 am – 8 pm on Tuesday, December 20, 2011.  City of Coburg, Lane County, Oregon.  Recall of Mayor Judith A Volta

The petition against Mayor Volta states that she 1) violated the civil rights of Cogburg citizens by not allowing a petition (2011-IP-02) to go to the polls for a vote. 2) has a conflict of interest by being on the Board of Lane Council Of Government and awarding contracts to LCOG for City Services. 3) inaction on allegations of potentially criminal wrongdoing by City Staff. 4) a Councilmember whose term limit was reached was reinstated to the Council even though others had applied.

The justification by the Mayor says her service to the City started in 2000 on the Council and that she has been a strong proponent of the schools since 1998.  It has been a privilege and she has worked hard to bring stability to the community.  She loves the town and knows the businesses and people.  She says the charges are “baseless, intent on intimidation and misinformation.”  She has made hard decisions and the town has become great over the past ten years.  She would like to continue her work.

ELECTION RESULTS registered voters 691; ballots cast 310; turnout 44.86% !!

Yes 119 (38.39%)

No 190 (61.29%) (w)

Yeah, this is a picture of her with a snake.


Massive RecallS in Oregon.

Coos County Oregon – registered voters 92; ballots cast 61; turnout 66.30%!!!

Recall Tom Dyche

Yes 20 (32.79%)

No 41 (67.21%) (w)

Recall James Crooker

Yes 20 (32.79%)

No 41 (67.21%) (w)

Recall Edward Powers

Yes 20 (32.79%)

No 41 (67.21%) (w)

The following is from the Coos County website:


Tom Dyche has endorsed the formation of the current Cammann Road District, which under its current structure unfairly creates revenue from property values in the district. This structure charges many residents who use a small portion of the public road more than some who use nearly the entire road. Some residents of the district have also been excluded from payment to the district because they are located in the city limits or the Coquille Tribal lands, although they have access through the district. Endorsement of these unfair practices and others have resulted in a petition to recall.


When the road district was formed there were three tax base options. We followed the guidelines and settled for 2.199 per thousand dollars taxable value. This was the cheapest option we had. We now have power to apply for government grants and get cooperation from government agencys.

We are powerless without a road district. We finally are getting tax money to make badly needed improvements. Sadly this recall has to be paid for by the road district. This money for needed repairs will be taken from you. The folks at the beginning of the road have the worst section and will get major work done from money collected from everyone else on Cammann road Anchorage and Wingert streets, Plummers court and Hargens lane. We are in this together. This recall will hurt the road district. It is meant to. I promise to continue to volunteer my time and labor to you. Please vote against the recall.

Kind regards,

Tom Dyche



James Crooker has endorsed the formation of the current Cammann Road District, which under its current structure unfairly creates revenue from property values in the district. This structure charges many residents who use a small portion of the public road more than some who use nearly the entire road. Some residents of the district have also been excluded from payment to the district because they are located in the city limits or the Coquille Tribal lands, although they have access through the district. Endorsement of these unfair practices and others have resulted in a petition to recall.


I have followed the election laws of Oregon in the formation of the Cammann Road District in Coos County Oregon. I have done nothing wrong and will not resign my elected office of Commissioner of the Cammann Road Dist.

James Crooker



Ed Powers has endorsed the formation of the current Cammann Road District, which under its current structure unfairly creates revenue from property values in the district. This structure charges many residents who use a small portion of the public road more than some who use nearly the entire road. Some residents of the district have also been excluded from payment to the district because they are located in the city limits or the Coquille Tribal lands, although they have access through the district. Endorsement of these unfair practices and others have resulted in a petition to recall.


When I ran for office, I was not a part of the original proposal to form the District. I read the material that was presented, and when asked, I firmly stated that “It was about time something permanent was done.”

I ran for election based on my belief that forming a Road District would accomplish this goal.

I was elected by a majority, and have been a Board Member and Secretary-Treasurer for the District.

I am convinced that we are operating under the best method offered by Oregon Law to finance the operations and maintenance of the road within our Cammann Road District. No viable alternatives have been presented during our tenure for financing within the law.

Despite numerous meetings attended by residents against the present tax-based system, objections were raised, but no viable suggestions were offered that would replace what is in place at this time. Furthermore, nothing reasoned and researched, based on the original formation proposal, has been presented in writing for all to read.

I don’t believe a recall would serve the residents of our Road District and ask that you vote for me and the existing board members.

Edward Powers


KY Whitley VTD Map KYLaurel House VTD Map


State House seat 82 covers Whitley and part of Laurel County.

First term Republican representative DeWayne Bunch resigned his seat due to head injuries he received while attempting to break up a fight.  The way the election works in this case is that the winner immediately will be sworn in and seated so that the district has representation on the first day of the next legislation session which, in Kentucky, begins on January 3.

Bunch’s wife has gained the Republican Party endorsement.  The Kentucky Democratic Party has said that due to the reason for the election they will not put up a candidate against her.

ELECTION RESULTS registered voters 30, 426; ballots cast 688; turnout 2.25%

Regina Bunch 688


Another recall


York County

County Attorney William Sutter faces 18 charges of everything from inappropriate comments to staff, to giving his workload to others in order to play online games.  His attorney says other are not lawyers and are therefore unable to judge him. He was appointed to the position when the former county attorney resigned and won election unopposed.

Yes  1,592 (w) won in every precinct by at least 5 times the no votes

No  263



Auburn, Sac County, Iowa

At the Library from  noon to 8pm to fill a vacancy on the City Council.

Verdi Maunu 52

Randy Schultev 53 (w)



City of St. Louis, Missouri

Ward 5 Alderman

This is quite a race.  The fighting 5th is one of the few out of the 28 districts here that has seen an increase in population.   The current seat holder has resigned to take a new position as head of the Civic Rights Enforcement Agency.  Hubbard is from a family that holds various state and local elected positions.  Finley spent a dozen years as office manager to the current seat holders district 5 headquarters!  This should be an exciting election!

ELECTION RESULTS registered voters 5987; ballots cast 620; turnout 10.4%

Tammika Hubbard – Dem 409 (65.97%) (w)

Tonya Finley – Indy              84 (13.55%)

Rose M. Green – Indy        125 (20.16%)

write ins                                    2 (.32%)




Two ballot questions


This amendment changes the date for elections and voting by official ballot from the second Tuesday in May to the second Tuesday in March, in order to consolidate the schedule for the annual meeting of the Town and the Newmarket School District. This amendment changes related dates for that purpose as required by law. For example, the first session of the Town’s Annual Meeting will be held on a date between the first and second Saturdays following the last Monday in January, inclusive of those Saturdays, at a time prescribed by the Town Council. No substantive changes to the Town Charter will occur as a result of this amendment. This amendment will become effective upon its passage for the purposes of the Town’s Annual Meeting in 2012.




This amendment clarifies the voting requirements for the issue of notes or bonds to be a majority vote of 3/5 (60%) as provided by RSA 33:8. In 2004, the Legislature amended the law to provide that if the Town Charter did not specify, the required vote for issue of notes or bonds would be 2/3 (66%) rather than 3/5 (60%) that applies in Towns like Newmarket that use official ballot (“SB2”) voting.




Hillsborough District 10

Special Election to be held for State Representative in Hillsborough County District No. 10. (Manchester Ward 3) Primary December 20, 2011 – General February 21, 2012

Republicans have only one candidate and no primary

Democratic Candidates

Peter M. Sullivan, Manchester (PO Box 1412, Manchester) – He served three terms in New Hampshire House of Representatives prior to defeating a seated member of the Board of Aldermen of Manchester.

Mary Georges, Manchester (18 Blodget Street) – I believe that this is the Pastor Mary Georges.

Manchester is known for low turnout and this primary less than week before a holiday means that anything could happen!



School: Change date of voting:  PASS 639-125

Q1) Town: Change date of voting:  PASS 647-123

Q2) Town: Change threshold for bond votes: FAIL 311-452

Sullivan 44 (w)

Georges 39



Hays County – City of San Marcos

Council member, Place Three Runoff

ELECTION RESULTS – registered voters 29,198; ballots cast 1,885; turnout 6.46%

Nichols 851 (45.14%)

Thomaides 1,029 (54.59%)(w)

Terry Nichols, has served the city as a public servant for a number of years.  He is running to continue his public service.

John Thomaides, came to this runoff with the higher percent in the primary with 44% in the four person race.  He is a small businessman who wants to bring that experience to the Council.

Tarrant County, City of Keller

City Council Place 5 Runoff

ELECTION RESULTS – registered voters 26,151; ballots cast 875; turnout 3.35%

Black 359 (41.03%)

Hoffman 516 (58.97%) (w)

Jackie Black, a Realtor who has recently been on the Planning and Zoning commission has gained support of the fire fighters.  Though one fire fighter complained of the two candidates who wanted their endorsement one would not accept their full support.

John Hoffman, pubic relations is his history.   Though he has more experience on the Planning and Zoning commission.

City of Allan, vote at the old library – Allen Municipal Courts Facility, 301 Century Parkway, 7am to 7pm

Council Place 6 – registered voters 46,800; ballots cast 1,586; turnout 3.39%

McNutt                264 (16.65%)

Alexander            137 ( 8.64%)

Hollingsworth  443 (27.93%)

Baril                   214 (13.49%)

Brooks              528 (33.29%) (w)

Barbara McNutt, is a business owner who knows delvelopers.  She has civic experience and want to target economic development and retain businesses.

Ron Alexander, has some political and civic background.  Would like to replace old infrastructure before it is necessary and bring small businesses to downtown.

Luke Hollingsworth, some civic background and would like to support small business, the environment, and development.

Tommy Baril, has federal level experience and enjoys the boy scouts.  Want to maintain several policies and be pro-active with the citizenry.

Baine Brooks, has more of a business bacakground.


Second Suffolk and Middlesex Senate District, polls open 7am to 8pm

registered voters 31,794;  ballots cast 333;  turnout 10.48%

Brownsberger 370 (11.45%)

Hecht                118 (5.60%)

McCarthy        602 (18.63%)

Schofield      2.061 (63.71%) (w)

write in               17 (0.53%)

Senator Steven Tolman resigned and the move it on.

William Brownsberger of Belmont, Has the papers endrosements, has a list of his legislative acheivements and if the election were based on facebook membership to page would double up on his closest opponent.

Jonathan Hecht of Watertown, Former Watertown Council member, current State Representative, and hopes to be the future Senator.  He has endorsements from a number of other current elected officials.

Robert McCarthy of Watertown, came out of retirement to run.  He says that Elizabeth Warren inspired him.

Timothy Schofield of Boston, states that cuts don’t get the job done and he would, in part, work on increasing infrastructure.

The former two are both current Representatives and the later two are veterans.

Boxford, MA

two ballot questions, Spofford Pond School, 31 Spofford Road, Polls open 7am to 8pm

Q1 – 560 votes, 1 blank vote

Yes 396 (w) 

no 161

Q2 – 560 votes, 1 blank vote

Yes 409 (w)

no 150


City of Rainer

The season of recalls continues! This time it is Clatskaine, OR’s turn.  Two City Councilors have been recalled.  After the filing the two then turned around and filed  a complaint with the Secretary of State against the person who just filed the recall petitions.  The Secretary of State found insuffient evidence against the person filing the recall.

“Moon is accused of “running off” a former city administrator, costing the city money, taking action on his own without authorization from the city council and acting unprofessionally and in a degrading manner to other council members, community members and the mayor.”

Langford is accused of being “rude in public meetings; for example, calling people ignorant, telling them to ‘shut up,’ accusing city employees of misconduct, thereby opening up the city, as well as himself, to liability issues. He does not follow policies and procedures and makes back-door agreements with various agencies without council support.””

Drop sites for the election will be as follows:



ELECTIONS DEPT. ELECTION DAY – DEC 13 – 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM 230 Strand St. St. Helens, OR 97051


City of Rainier registered voters 1,000; ballots cast 492; turnout 49.2%!!!


Yes 351 (74.68%)  (w)- goodbye Moon

no 119 (24.32%)


Yes 355 (72.6%) (w)

no 134 (27.4%)


City of West Columbia, City Council District 3, polls open from 7am to 7pm

Jack Harmon passed away bring about this election.

Casey Jordan Hallman     53 (36.55%) (w)

George M. Crowe               40 (27.58%)

Bert Hammond                  28 (19.31%)

Morris Phillips                   24 (16.55%)

Precinct                                 Location                                                               Address

Hook’s Store                 BC Grammar School No. 1                     114 Hook Avenue                        West Columbia, SC

Leaphart Road              Pineview Baptist Church                         3010 Leaphart Road                   West Columbia, SC

Saluda River                 Our Savior Lutheran Church                   1500 Sunset Boulevard               West Columbia, SC

West Columbia # 2     Turner  Memorial AME Church                 1122 Monticello Street                 West Columbia, SC

barrier free poll             Suite 105   Lex. Co. Auxiliary Bldg.          605 W. Main Street                      Lexington, SC

absentee ballots           Suite 105   Lex. Co. Auxiliary Bldg.          605 W. Main Street                      Lexington, SC

fail-safe                         Suite 105   Lex. Co. Auxiliary Bldg.          605 W. Main Street                      Lexington, SC


It looks to me like almost everywhere in New York is having Fire District elections.  In the past when I have tried to get results the election boards tell me that the fire districts run there own elections.  When I call the fire districts they always have an answering machine, rarely ever reply, and almost never give the numbers behind a result.  So… If you are a New Yorker and can get a result out of them please let me know and I will update this section with a tip of the hat to you.

Fire districts in Fishers Island, Grand Gorge, Elmwood Fire District (Guilderland, New Scotland, Bethlehem), Huntington, Southold, Branchport-Keuka Fire District (Jerusalem and Pulteney), East Qougue Fire District, Saint James Fire District, Greenfield Fire District, Rotterdam-Princetown Fire District.

Hickstown Water District



City of Rolla, on December 13, starts filing for the municipal elections in 2012.  So, if you know someone there get them to run for office.

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